How to Get 12 Hours out of an 8 Hour Day?

by Ruhma Syed
How to Get 12 Hours out of an 8 Hour Day?
Imagine a bank that deposits $86,400 into your account every morning. It does not carry over any balance from one day to the next. Every evening, the bank deletes whatever portion of your balance you didn’t use during the day. Can we Get 12 Hours out of an 8 Hour Day? What would you do? Of course, take out every last penny!!! Such a bank exists in every one of us. TIME is its name. It grants you 86,400 seconds every morning. Every night, it writes off whatever you have failed to spend in a worthwhile purpose as lost. It does not carry over any balance. It doesn’t allow for any overdrafts. It creates a new account for you every day. It burns the leftovers of the day every night. You are responsible for any losses incurred if you do not use the day’s deposits. There’s no turning back now. There is no drawing against the “tomorrow”. You must live in the present on today’s deposits. Invest it to get from it the utmost in health, happiness, and success! The time is ticking away. Make the most of the present moment. The best way to get the most of the present moment is by organising and tracking tasks. Here are a few important things you can add to your day to make the most of it:

Start your Day Early

Think about it. If you woke up 2 hours earlier, you’d have five more hours every week to get ready for the upcoming day. While waking up earlier gives us time to reflect on our day and get fully prepared, waking up late means rushing to work and spending all the next hours at work in a hurry.

Review your to-do list

Instead of starting to work on the basis of the first task that comes to your mind, make a to-do list for the day and act on it throughout the day. As a result you will achieve more than you though you can in a day. When new important tasks follow prioritize them and finish them earlier. It can be really frustrating, right? The key is to be able to prioritize your task and put all the important tasks on your to do list and if needed, rearrange your currents tasks.

Picture a Successful Day

By envisioning the outcome of the day’s tasks and projects in a successful way, you can work backward to determine the necessary steps that lead to your desired results. By doing so, you’ll be highly motivated to stick to your plan and focus on activities that lead to the imagined results.

Stick to Your To-Do List

In order to actually improve your productivity, you need to implement on your to-do list. Take out time to follow it and you’ll see the results.  A Google employee suggested to their colleagues to book “Make time” into the daily schedule. What he meant is that we all need a few undistracted hours to work on our most important projects and tasks.

The 80/20 Rule

Use the 80/20 rule to identify your most important tasks, which will be your A tasks. Pareto’s law says that 20% of your tasks will result in 80% of the total production value. This means that if you have 10 tasks on your to-do list today, and you only complete the 2 most important tasks, they will give you 80% of the total result.

Cut the Distractions

When you are working, distractions are likely to follow. You might relate how you end up reading a list of top 10 easy recipes while working and you don’t even remember how.  Cut these distractions using productivity tools to avoid procrastination and you’ll soon be on the top of your game.

Put Negative Thoughts at a Bay

To focus on today’s work, you need to let go of yesterday’s failure. Studies show that negative thought affects not only your productivity but also long-term health. So leave those thoughts at the door of your office. It is a well-known fact that people who are successful do not dwell on the events of the past or unpleasant memories of failures. Learn to let go and nail your work day! If you REALLY want to increase your productivity, you should definitely consider these tips and rules. You can organise and track tasks on slack with Remoty. Remoty is a lightweight task tracking app for slack that is built to help you manage your entire business. It simplifies task management, payroll management and helps you generate invoices. Click here to see a live demo of Remoty.

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