List of 12 Best Free Slack Daily Standup Bots in 2022

by Hamna Ayaz
Best Free Slack Daily Standup Bot

Nowadays, automation is the key element in the successful implementation of business processes. Workplace practices have revolutionized with the usage of software technologies. Now, we have different types of applications with an extensive range of tools suitable to cater to the needs of users associated with different fields of work. To satisfy the requirements of these teams, (in-office, hybrid, and especially remote teams) time and attendance software are designed. This application software has a variety of features. One such feature is Standups. Standup meetings are essential for effective scrum communication and for directing a team’s progress towards the sprint goals and helping them in achieving the ultimate business missions.

In this article, we will cover the 12 Best Free Slack Daily Standup Bots that are rated by renowned software review websites in 2022.

Creating Standup with App

Stand-Ups are typically carried out with team members (i.e. channels). Getting started with asynchronous standups in Slack with an app is super simple. Let’s walk through the steps:

  1. Log in to your standup app dashboard
  2. On the menu, click on Templates
  3. From template options, select Standups
  4. Tap on ‘Quick Create’ to create a pre-populated template or press Use Template to modify the template. 

It will auto-tag with a Standup tag so you can easily filter out all your other multi-question surveys and have easy access to your standup results.

Using the Standup template

  1. Once you tap the standup button, you’ll see that the template has already been entirely filled out automatically.
  2. The only part that you absolutely need to configure before sending, is specifying the app audience.
  3. Set the standup template to fit your needs. Whether that means changing the question wording, the frequency of the standup, or the automated reminder setup.

How to participate in the Standup

To go through daily standup, just press Start applicationand a focused window will open up with all of the questions prompts in view for you to answer. Once you hit submit, you’re all done! If you happen to make a mistake and need to go back, you can simply navigate back to the survey and edit your response. 

How to view your Standup Results

Right after you’ve completed the multi-question survey, either from the same window, or the message description in a channel or in your DMs.

  • If you’re the sender, use the command /survey results and view your survey results.
  • If you’re on the web app, you can view your results here.
  • Automatically in-channel, if your survey is set to post after close (default for standup)

List of 12 Best Free Slack Daily Standup Bots

1. Remoty

 Remoty is a lightweight time tracking tool that offers various management features for attendance, task, projects, and standups for remote teams. It is an ideal solution for developers, software engineers, Human Resource administrators, Slack users, and clients. Remoty promotes work flexibility and employee empowerment through its smart solutions for in-office, hybrid, distributive, and especially remote teams.  

Remoty is the ideal option for the Slack Time Tracking tool with some of its major functionalities listed as follows:

Organized, Intuitive Interface

Remoty has a simple easy-to-use interface with access to an extensive range of Slack features.

Attendance and Reporting

Track attendance/absence schedules PTOs, leaves, and vacations of teammates. The data is recorded and stored in timesheets which are utilized to generate analytics and powerful reports. The timesheet analytics can be downloaded and shared in various formats.


Team admins and team members can know the availability of their colleagues. This way it gets easier to know who is working and realize the best time to approach another colleague to get assistance on blockers, feedback and any other task.


Standups are best for remote, hybrid, and distributed work arrangements where employees are from different geographical areas(countries/continents) and hence have different time zones. Keep your daily progress meetings short and to the point with this feature of Remoty.


Engage in team-building activities,  and interact with teammates through water cooler and 1-1 chats.  Collaborate on documents, files, and even emojis with teammates right within threads (channels).

Billing & Payroll

Outsourcing teams can generate billing invoices through Remoty. Startups and companies can use Remoty for the smooth payroll processing of their employees. 


Remoty has the capability to sync with an extensive range of various productivity, accounting, and task/project management apps.

Slack Settings

Access all sorts of customization options from the menu panel: to-do list, notifications/alerts/reminders, posts, notes, motivation checkups, feedback collection, and much more.

Conduct Daily Standups Right Within Slack

Free Trail Available. No card required.

Free trial

Startups: free

Teams: $4

Capterra:  4.8

G2: –

Appsumo: 5

Get to know about ClickUp Time Tracking

2. Standuply

Standuply automates daily huddle check-ins, retrospectives, feedback reviews, 1-on-1 meetings, backlog grooming, other workflows, and planning poker. Remote teams can answer questions via text, voice, or video messages. With standuply you can also:

  • Configure questions using language and tone your team is comfortable with.
  • Generate reports on a schedule or asynchronously at distributed teams’ time zones.
  • Save recurring questions in Q&A and /or ask Standuply which are accessible via Slack whenever you need them.
  • Get access to insights on technology, management, marketing, and other business operations-related questions from highly qualified experts at Standuply.


    Starter: $0 /month

    Team: $2 /month $1.5 /month(yearly)

    Business: $4 /month $3 /month (yearly)

    Enterprise: Custom pricing

    Capterra: 4.5

    G2: 4.8

3. Polly

Polly’s is a flexible tool to empower Slack and MS teams to get the most with just simple polls in Slack. In Polly, standups as the starting point for creating robust, feedback workflows around your daily processes so you build out a holistic set of solutions that enable better team productivity and engagement. You can use Polly to capture team sentiment, run sprint retros, collaborate on project estimation, or any other custom team needs.

Free $0/month

Standard $49/month

(3-month subscription)

Pro $19/month

(6 and 12-month subscriptions)

Enterprise (custom pricing)

Capterra: 4.7

G2: 4.5

4. Troopr

Slack Standup Bot by Troopr app lets teams set up and run periodic team check-ins for daily standups/scrum, sprint retrospective/planning poker, integrations, etc.

  • Activity summaries from tools like Jira, and GitHub are automatically included.
  • Troopr compiles a complete report and shares it in your Slack channel. 
  • Troopr comes with robust web reports, insights, and many other features. 
  • In Daily Scrum Check-ins, references to issues from Jira, and GitHub are automatically expanded and linked.

Pro: $49 per month

Premium: $129 per month

Unlimited: $299 per month.

Enterprise: Annual Contract

Capterra: Not yet rated

G2: Not yet rated

5. Geekbot

Geekbot’s Slack integration is easy, effective, and transparent collaboration tool in any Slack workspace that is specifically designed for remote and virtual teams. With its asynchronous standups, you get to substitute for lengthy chats and boring conference calls.

  • Standup Meetings: admins can turn every standup into a short, sharp check-in with an asynchronous standup bot.
  • Customizable Polls: the management can ask for opinions to analyze the trends in your workplace with a survey app that’s designed to fit your team’s needs.
  • Sprint Retrospectives: team leads can perform sprint reviews on autopilot with Geekbot retrospect feature.
  • Insightful & Engaging Surveys: team heads can ask any question regarding work progress, gaining vital insights with a flexible survey bot.
  • Daily Check-ins: use the standup tool for your routine meetings, including check-ins and follow-ups. 
  • Status Updates: view what, what, where, when, why, and how of your teams’ work processes and get the timely updates of an ever-reliable scrum meeting bot. 
  • Private 1-on-1s: keep private details confidential, knowing the retrospective app works just as well for individual meetings.
  • Team Happiness Reports: track the well-being of your team, using the happiness tracker to keep a check on teamwork motivation by conducting 360 feedback.
  • Out-of-office Updates: when you are away from work for any important business of yours, just enable the scrum meeting app and set questions to ask, then watch it collect responses and broadcast them for your team to read at their own availability.
  • The app dashboard: can even highlight progress and blockers, surface fresh insights for better decision-making, and help you track team engagement, all using AI-driven language analysis.
spotlightStart-up: $0 (up to 10 people)
Standard: $2.5/user/month ($3 monthly)
Premium: Custom Pricing
Free Trial
Capterra: 4.9 
G2: 4.6

6. Standup & Prosper

Standup & Prosper is a bot that keeps your daily stand-up meetings organized. The tool is used to conduct synchronized standups and schedule multiple follow-ups. The standup meetings are essential for communication, directing a team’s progress towards the sprint goal. The follow-ups evaluate the progress of the tasks discussed in Standups. The follow-up schedules dedicate queries to different departments, asking relevant questions for updates on task progress. 

  • You can utilize default scrum-style questions or enter your own. You get to choose your stand-up schedule. You can talk to the bot to answer your daily questions at your convenience. If you forget, Standup & Prosper will remind you before your scheduled stand-up time. Answers from all team members are reported back to your chosen channel in a neat, clean thread. 
  • Asynchronous online standups/follow-ups will ensure an uninterrupted workflow, despite disruptive work environment changes such as calamities, etc. 
  • To facilitate the management, user responses from both Standups and follow-ups can be compiled into reports. 
  • The Standup bot allows you to discuss important daily targets and critical impediments.
  • The Sup! bot works as an automated communication tool to direct your business workflow. It makes the online daily scrums quick and precise, yet addresses all the key Standup issues. 

Standup Community: Free

Support Standard: $1 /standup user/month

Prosper Premium: $200 / month

Capterra: Not yet rated

G2: Not yet rated

7. Kyber

Kyber is a project management tool that automates workflows and streamlines standup meetings, polls, surveys, and, message scheduling. You just require a single Slack installation and Kyber provides a consistent user experience across multiple apps. 
  • With an easy-to-use, fully-featured, native app of Kyber you get to manage entire projects in #channels, assign, schedule, and complete tasks inside Slack. 
  • With Kyber, you can utilize prebuilt apps or create, customize and configure your own micro-apps based on tasks, polls, questions, and messages to handle your team-specific use cases. Everyone in the team can assign, edit, comment, complete, add, vote, reply, and more directly inside Slack.
  • The unified dashboard inside Slack automates user account provisioning based on Slack identity. Use #channels as a Kanban board to track project progress, schedule and preview messages for later, automatically send recurring messages, run daily standup meetings to keep the team up-to-date, make the decisions faster with polls, and easily decide the best time for a meeting, turn Slack messages into actionable tasks, check the pulse of your team with surveys, find out where people work from, run team building activities to get to know your team, review team workloads, recognize team members’ efforts, plan and review sprints with prospectives and retrospectives, set reminders, follow up on past due items, get personalized daily agenda.
  • Sync with Trello, Asana, Pivotal Tracker, Jira, Wunderlist, Todoist, Workast, Polly, Standuply, and many more apps.

Startup:  $0 per user, per month

Team: $3 per user, per month

Enterprise: $9 per user, per month

Capterra: 4.2

G2: 3.5

8. Sup! bot

The Sup! bot specializes in follow-ups that characterize queries (or questions,) to examine the daily task progress of employees. In any scheduled follow-up, the bot prompts the designated people to submit an update on project progress, and the response is posted on the associated Slack channel. You can schedule multiple follow-ups for different projects and at different times of the day. The bot will also notify users of relevant scheduled Follow-ups.  

  • The Sup! bot allows you to customize templates for Standup. Templates with reporting questions specific to your business and workflow save time and eliminate the hassle of typing the same questions regularly. This feature is particularly beneficial to diverse and large-scale businesses.
  • Sup! standup bot’s mood tracking ensures high morale for remote teams. This option can be enabled on your regular Standup/follow-up.
  • The valuable time tracking data is compiled in a report. The export feature of Sup! bot allows you to export and store the data in Excel format on a local device. Accessing a bulk load of data from a single source—speeds up your data management and reporting.
  • The timesheets of Sup! bot helps to evaluate your sprint from a ‘timeline view’ perspective. Sometimes daily reports can elude a crucial blocker when evaluated on a daily basis. The scrum reports can miss out on the work assigned to team members. The timesheet allows the management to gather a complete and organized report of the entire sprint stretch and eliminate every potential workflow hurdle.


Capterra: Not yet rated

G2: Not yet rated

9. Standup Alice

Standup Alice is a bot that runs your daily asynchronous meetings and shares results to your Slack channels or by email. The tool facilitates Slack, Cisco Webex, Google chats, and MS Teams. With Standup Alice, team members are automatically notified to submit their standups. Additionally, you can submit a standup in various ways. Also, you can customize questions to fit your team’s needs, and to make the standup summary more understandable, you can also initiate discussions in threads. 

  • All the reminders are delivered to team members and Alice’s private chat to maintain privacy.
  • The platform facilitates sync team standups across several time zones.
  •  It further enables you to organize simple, digital, async daily standup meetings to help your team be more productive. 

Monthly $0.99

Per-user, per month

Annual $ 9.99

Per-user, per year

Capterra: Not yet rated

G2: 3.8

10. Range

Range is a standup tool with which you can run your team Check-ins within Slack. It enables you to automate your status updates and level up your standups. Range is easy to operate. You need to just add the Slack app to your workspace and invite your team to lock-in. 

  • 300+ team-building questions to help your team build connections and foster trust. 
  • Share moods with an emoji, to help everyone keep a pulse on team motivations, 360- feedback, and spot who might need extra support with blockers.
  • Flags help members when they’re feeling stuck on blockers. #Hashtags help you track streams of work. Range team directories let you scale as your workspace grows.
  • Sync and import work from GitHub, Asana, Trello, Jira, Google Drive, Google Calendar,  GitLab, and many more applications to streamline work processes.   
  • Range Slackbot sends reminders to ensure everyone remembers to Check-in. This way team leads get status updates in real-time.



Standard: $8 per team member

Premium: Custom

Capterra: 4.7

G2: 4.6

11. Standup Jack

Jack is another application for standups. Choose a time on a weekday to get scrum questions by Jack. These questions are made specifically to help you stay on track and keep your teammates in the loop. Jack will collect your responses and post them to your team’s designated channel at a time that best suits your team.


10 active users

$20 per month ($30 monthly)

Capterra: Not yet rated

G2: Not yet rated

12. Kaapi

Kaapi is an ideal solution for team bonding, morale checkup, and scheduling standups. This tool is especially suitable for senior team leaders, top management, and CEOs who want to ensure the smooth running of the organization’s work processes. To use Kaapi, you just need to add Kaapi to Slack and choose your team channel. This way everyone in that channel will get added to your Kaapi team. Kaapi is good for running asynchronous meetings across timezones.

  • Kaapi’s fun Icebreakers, you can have fun together and increase team collaboration. 500+ Icebreaker questions are very engaging.
  • You can access easy text-based fun games
  • Create your own questions and play in different Slack channels. 
  • You can also customize the timings.
  • Change the default settings anytime by visiting your Dashboard Bonus
  • Daily standup meetings tool of  Kaapi bot sends status update reminders to your team and then generates a report when done. 


$34 / month / team

14-day free trail

Capterra: Not yet rated

G2: Not yet rated


Standup meetings are an essential tool of scrum communication, for directing a team’s progress towards the sprint goal. Whereas the follow-ups evaluate the progress of the tasks discussed in Standups. In this article, you got to know about the 12 Best Free Slack Daily Standup Bot that are popular in 2022.

Remoty is one of the above-mentioned applications that make time tracking and conducting standups a piece of cake for Slack users.

Please tell us which application your teams your Slack teams use to conduct effective async standups. Eager to learn your responses!

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