Estimate ClickUp Billable Time with #1 Time Tracker: Remoty

by Hamna Ayaz
ClickUp Billable Time

Keeping a record of time estimates to bill the clients and pay the workforce has been a herculean task for managers around the world for decades. But with the advent of technology, Workplace Management Systems and processes have revolutionized. Now, there are numerous solutions available to keep track of billable hours; whether these solutions be manual or automatic, they are designed to cater to your needs of business field, size etc.

This article provides a comprehensive account of all the elements related to ClickUp Billable Time estimation, task tracking, timesheets, reports, and much more. Remoty robust integration with ClickUp for time tracking makes it a must-have for team leads who want to stay updated with the progress on their team projects.


Remoty is a lightweight task tracking tool that helps teams foster a productive working environment for on-premise teams, distributed, hybrid, and especially remote teams. Remoty is a state-of-the-art SAAS product that tool enhances coordination among onboard team members by offering better visibility of their availability and statuses.

Features of Remoty

Remoty helps teams create an atmosphere that nourishes connectivity, reliability, and a sense of inclusion among colleagues in the workforce.

Attendance Management and Task Tracking

With Remoty, admins can track employee time, attendance, availability, the number of check-ins/outs, and breaks. Managers can track absences, late arrivals, and PTOs of members with complete status of availed and available leaves. Admins receive a notification to approve or deny leave requests from employees.

Remoty’s task tracking  streamlines your work processes and boosts productivity by fostering a culture of visibility and transparency in the workforce. The teammates can view tasks by completion status, due dates, and assigned members. While assigning, heads can include clear task descriptions, set up due dates, and allocate group tasks. With Remoty, each task’s elements include its priority, total time logged, progress, comments, and reminders. You can monitor time for each member’s tasks & view their workload capacity to avoid burnout.

The project leaders can view who is ahead, behind, or stuck. Letting team members learn individual contributions to the tasks and sharing the total time spent on a task, along with the hours worked by each member encourages a healthy competitive atmosphere.

Payroll and Billing:

Categorize the recorded time of employees as billable/non-billable hours. The payrolls/bills for the customizable periods can be downloaded and shared instantly.

Meeting Management:

Async stand-ups let you stay in touch with the current work status of employees and communicate achievable goals with your team on daily basis with flexibility.

Detailed Views and Dashboards

The task board will help you maintain workflow, avoid blockers, and visualize tasks in an organized clear format of to-do, in-progress, and done status tasks. The intuitive Remoty dashboard allows you to manage tasks, view task details, and generate invoices in just a few clicks without having to leave your Slack workspace.

ClickUp Remoty Sync

There is a 2-way sync; users can add a new task from any channel in Remoty or turn ClickUp messages into Remoty time tracking tasks, and comments. This aids in improving visibility into your business by bringing all databases into a single system. Remoty enables you to save energy by tracking time within a single interface instead of toggling between different systems, in addition to reducing the chances of errors made when manually entering data into separate systems. When the sync is enabled, every time you share task links in Remoty, you’ll see additional details like due dates, tags, priority, assignees, and statuses. Remoty can also push ClickUp notifications about relevant updates from your tasks and projects in your Slack channels.

Estimate Billable Time With Accurate Timesheets Within Slack

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Essentials of ClickUp Billable Time

Time Tracking ClickApp

The ClickApp time tracking and timesheets are for both team and individual use.

Enable Time Tracking for Workspace

The users can enable the Time Tracking ClickApp from settings

  1. Navigate your Workspace avatar icon in the lower-left corner
  2. Tap ClickApps
  3. Browse the Time Tracking ClickApp
  4. Press the Time Tracking ClickApp to enable it on all Spaces
  5. Tap the icon to turn on Time Tracking.

Enable Time Tracking for individual Spaces

The people with access are allowed to enable the Time Tracking ClickApp for individual Spaces.

  1. Choose the Space Settings 
  2. Select the ClickApps available for your Space and click the Time Tracking icon.
  3. Press Time Tracking to select the ClickApp.
  4. Review and click save.

Clickup Timesheets

Time Tracking Rollup

This feature displays a total of time tracked including time entries from subtasks, any nested subtasks, and the task itself. The admins can click on the Time Tracked field to get the complete breakdown of time entries between subtasks and the task itself.


Clickup Timesheets

Access Time Tracking

The teams can view the Time Tracking modal from the Task view, The Quick Action menu, List view, Calendar view, or Board view. Also, they can then filter views by Time Tracked to display tasks that meet the filter criteria.

Create and edit time entries:

Start a timer

You can start/stop a timer to track time for the whole workday. Also, you can press a timer from the Time Tracking modal by clicking on the Timer option and clicking the Start button.

Add time tracked manually
  • Select a task
  • Select the Time Tracked field to open the Time Tracking modal
  • Choose ‘Manual’
  • Enter the time slot and select the date when the time entry occurred
  • Press Save

Add time using a range
  • Choose a task 
  • Set the Time Tracked field and open the Time Tracking modal will open up
  • Select Range
  • Enter required start and end times
  • Write down the date when the time entry occurred
  • Enter any further details (notes, labels, billable time, etc.) and save the changes

Add time entry details
  • Add Description: a custom description to any time entry
  • Choose Labels: add customizable labels to time entries to be used across your Workspace for an improved filtering experience of similar tracked time
  • Estimate Billable: choose time as billable to keep track of the time that is intended for invoices and time that’s just used for internal reports

Edit time entries
  • Browse a task with a time entry or the global timer
  • Check the Time Tracked field to open the Time Tracking modal
  • Choose a user’s name to expand their time entries
  • Pick the pencil icon next to a time entry to make changes
  • Edit required time entries
  • Update and save changes

Delete a time entry

The entries in the Trash are kept for 30 days before being permanently deleted. To delete a time entry,

  • Choose a task 
  • Press the Time Tracked field and open the  modal
  • Select the user’s name to expand their time entries
  • Tap the red trash can icon to delete a time entry

Time Tracking with the Mobile App

  • Start/Stop a timer on your smartphone.
  • Check time entries in your Workspace or on particular tasks, just like on the Web or Desktop.

Time Tracking with the ClickUp API

Developers/engineers can build their own  time tracking integration with the following data:

  • Get time entries within a date range.
  • Add & remove tags.
  • Get running time entries.
  • Start and stop a timer

API includes task ID, title, status, task tags, Space, Folder, and List information so you can retrieve your time entry data with meaningful context anywhere anytime.

Report on time tracking data

The team heads can check out your time entry data throughout your Workspace. You can also create reports using Time Tracking Dashboard widgets.

Dashboard Widgets

With Clickup Dashboard widgets users can:

  • Evaluate the total time each person in your Workspace has tracked
  • Categorize by group time entries and custom time labels
  • Check cumulative time tracking logs for each team member to see how time-consuming a List of tasks has been
  • Analyze time tracked manually and automatically with  native and other integrated tools
  • Export the information of time logs
Add a Time Tracking widget

You can add Time Tracking widgets to your new or existing ClickUp Dashboards.

  1. Generate a new Dashboard Or visit an existing Dashboard.
  2. See and Add a widget in the top right corner.
  3. Browse the Time Tracking widget category.
  4.  Navigate to the Time Tracking widget.
  5. Access the Location
  6. Set the Time Range: Enter the time you want to be included such as this year, month, week, or a custom time frame.
  7. Custom Grouping (only applicable to Time Reporting & Billable Reporting): Select how you want time to be grouped, and even add a second level.
  8. Tap Time Labels: Filter the time entries by labels added to the time entry.
  9. Ascertain People: Select who’s time you want to be included in the report.
  10. Estimate Billable: Choose whether you want to display billable, non-billable, or both
  11. Check Time Estimates: Toggle on to show how much time was estimated
  12. Insert tasks in Multiple Lists: Toggle on to display time tracked from tasks in Multiple Lists
  13. Custom Filter: Add additional filters to further adjust the scope of your widget

Courtesy: ClickUp Docs

The users can choose the location filter (Space(s), Folder(s), or List(s)) according to their wish and then choose the time to be displayed in the report.

Calculated Fields

The following calculation fields are visible that enable functions like sums, averages, and ranges of all values in the column:

  • Completed
  • Worked On
  • Workspace Points
  • Who’s Behind
Custom Fields

The users get to choose an initial custom field to build the report with. They have extensive options to customize fields in the report.

Tasks Completed Report

The report shows tasks completed by each project member on board. The report is available on the free plan. A task completed is counted towards the person if that user(s) is assigned to the project and the lead time shows the amount of time taken to complete a particular task since it was initially created.

Worked On Report

This is the best place to view the tasks each person has been active in real-time. 

Workspace Points Report

This report is a kind of ClickUp gamification!  It shows:

  • Cleared Notifications: The total number of notifications cleared by the user
  • Comments added: Number of comments associated to tasks that fit your filters
  • Resolved: The number of resolved comments in the workspace
  • Completed: Closed tasks that were assigned to the user
  • Worked on: Number of tasks per project that a user has logged any activity in.
  • Totals: The numbers from each column added together
Who’s Behind Report

This report is the best way for team leads to keep their colleagues accountable for clearing their notifications and completing overdue tasks. The report is accessible to users with paid plans. As the total uncleared notifications and total overdue tasks are representative of a current state hence there is no option to filter (based on period) in this report.

Time Reporting

This widget allows you to view all your time entries, filter by multiple characteristics, and display them in customizable categories.

  • Categorize by Task, List, Folder, or Space and users up to two levels through the grouping menu in the settings.
  • Toggle on the ‘Time Estimates’ option to show the estimated time in a column.
  • Choose billable or non-billable time entries from the dropdown.

The date-defined filters only show tasks that have time tracked within a certain time. The following widget is available on ClickUp Unlimited Plan.

Clickup Timesheets


The admin can view logged time entries for a given week, month, or any custom range. 

  • Browse the task and the individual time entry project-wise.
  • Display time grouped by day.
  • Get the total results of time per selected time range in each project.

You can change the time format. The following widget is available on the ClickUp Business Plan.

Clickup Timesheets

Billable Report

Distinguish between billable/non-billable time with this report. The following widget is available only on the paid Business Plan.

Clickup Timesheets

Time Estimated (legacy)

Instantly see time as a team resource for planning projects with this widget. The following widget is accessible in the Unlimited Plan.

  • Evaluate logged and estimated time to determine whether or not your and your teams’ goals are on schedule.
  • You don’t have access to the time filter in this report.
  • You have the liberty to export data with this widget.

Clickup Timesheets

Time Tracked (legacy)

Estimate the sum of time each person in your Workspace has tracked. The following widget is accessible on the Unlimited Plan.

  • Cumulative time tracking logs for each user of that particular ClickUp workspace.
  • Includes time tracked (manually and automatically).
  • Export the data to other systems

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