3 Robust Applications- ClickUp Hubstaff and Remoty

by Hamna Ayaz
ClickUp Hubstaff

Businesses around the world are adopting new workplace trends to keep up with the pace of the highly digitalized world. A time and attendance management system is a work management solution that helps users to track hours and locations of themselves and their team members,  schedule employee shifts, manage paid time off, track job and project expenses, and collaborate with team members on combined projects. According to the needs and demands of particular fields, the specific features and hardware vary among these systems.

Hybrid workforces demand cloud-based software that can be accessed in both the office and offsite. So here we bring you 3 applications with extensive integration capabilities: ClickUp Hubstaff and Remoty.

How do Time Management Tools Help?

Time management tools also help you:

  • Organize important tasks and meetings
  • Smooth communication and collaboration with your team
  • Monitor productivity by getting insights on areas of improvement
  • Automate work administration and management

What To Look For In Time Management Tools?

Time management tools are probably the easiest time management strategy you can employ. Here’s what you should look for in time management tools:

  • Attendance, leave, absence, and work hour management.
  • Time and task tracking.
  • Payroll and invoice generation.
  • Real-time analytics and reports.
  • User-friendly inbuilt features (interface, comprehensiveness, customizability).
  • Remote/on-field management of employees.
  • Extensions and integration with powerful apps for productivity, project management, accounting, etc.

3 Powerful Apps- ClickUp Hubstaff and Remoty


ClickUp is a cloud-based powerful time-tracking software that fosters a culture of accountability and teamwork in the workforce and empowers your team to strive for more. It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS-based) designed to digitalize the HR process and allow you to spend less time on administrative tasks and concentrate on priorities. The software has many rich features including communication and collaboration tools, task assignments and project statuses, document management, alerts, multiple views (list and Gantt chart), custom fields, workflow automation, and intuitive dashboards.

ClickUp Native Time Tracking

The native time tracking provided right into ClickUp offers the edge to:

  1. Enable the Time Tracking ClickApp
  2. Individual guests to track time (with the access granted by workspace admin)
  3. Time Tracking on all ClickUp plans. (certain features are only available on Business Plan)

Enable the Time Tracking ClickApp

ClickApp lets you create and edit time entries seamlessly across various synced platforms i.e. Web, Desktop, and Mobile apps. It means that if you start a time entry on mobile, you’ll see it running when you are back at your computer and similarly if you start a time entry from your computer, you’ll see the timer running at the top of the app. The admin needs to turn on the Time Tracking ClickApp for the Workspace from their computer. ClickUp’s Native Time tracking is accessible for admins, members, and guests. It allows you the following:

  • Adding a time entry description
  • Adding labels to a time entry
  • Marking a time entry as billable
  • Tracking time unassociated with any task in particular

Ways of ClickUp Native Time Tracking

Start a timer
  • Select a task to track time on or start a timer without linking to any task.
  • Click- On the button to start a timer.
  • Move smoothly between your current tasks by adding a new timer from a previous task entry.

This is optional for Workspaces on ClickUp’s Business Plan.

Manually create or edit a time entry
  • Open up your ClickUp task menu and select time tracked.
  • Select Manual.
  • Enter the amount of time spent.
  • Select a task to track time on.
  • Add time entry details like notes, labels, and billable data.
  • Click Save to log a time entry.
Add a Range
  • Select range.
  • Enter the start time and end time.
  • Select a task to track time on.
  • Add time entry details.
  • Click Save.
From the Quick Action menu with recent history
  • Click on the Quick Action button in the lower-right corner.
  • Select track time.
  • Select a recent task of your choice with time entries to edit them.
  • Check on the ellipsis to edit an individual time entry.
  • Edit the details and select confirm to finalize changes.
Edit time entries from a task
  • Open a  selected task.
  • Hit the Start button to start a timer Or tap on-track time to add a new time entry.
  • Click track time to see recent time entries for that task.
  • Choose each person to expand their time entries.
  • Select the ellipsis to edit each time entry.
  • Edit the details and hit confirm button

Salient Features:


ClickUp provides a vibrant dashboard from which you can manage assignees, tasks, sprints, dependencies, etc. You can add Widgets such as Workload by Status, Time Reporting, Calculation, Text Block, Chat, etc.


While managing projects, jumping between apps just to write down ideas could feel like an annoying task. With ClickUp you not only get a notepad but also can convert notes to tasks.

Targets and Goals

Goals are crucial for successful project execution. In ClickUp, you can make the goals easily achievable by splitting one goal into smaller targets.

Workspace Views

Workplace views allow you to customize ClickUp according to your taste in work and project needs. You can choose views from 15+ options. These include: Board view, Box view, Calendar view, Embed view, Gantt view, List view, Table view, Timeline view, Chat, Activity, Mindmaps, Workload, Whiteboard, etc.

Assigned Comments

You can convert comments into tasks and assign them to the available resources. When you do this, the comment becomes visible to the assignee in their task tray. The assignee then marks the comment as resolved when they execute the project.

Task Priorities

ClickUp provides an intuitive color-coded system for task prioritization with the following priority levels Urgent, High, Normal, and Low.


ClickUp has an agile notification system to keep the task assignees updated about the progress.ClickUp allows higher notifications flexibility through customizations. On your Workspace, you can select ‘Notifications’ and then click on the Three Dots Menu to modify notification settings.


Keep deliverables on the radar through the Reminders feature of ClickUp. You can enable reminders for your tasks on your desktop, email inbox, smartphone, or even on Alexa/Google Home.

Task Timer

The Track Time feature lets you know how long you and your team are working on specific projects. You can press the automatic Task Timer while working on a task and get real-time data in no time.


Hubstaff is the basically an employee monitoring software. It is best suitable for businesses that work with independent contractors, freelancers, and remote workers who are paid on an hourly basis. Hubstaff has an attractive user interface and it’s easy to navigate and use.

The special thing about Hubstaff is that it offers an interactive user experience through its tasks and time-tracking tools, unlike other monitoring apps that consistently runs in the background. Hubstaff only tracks computer usage when the timer is on, so if you work with users who work from their personal computers, they would be answerable for work only within clock-in time.

Salient Features

Activity Monitoring

Hubstaff uses keystroke logging and mouse tracking to determine activity levels for your team members.

Time Tracking

Hubstaff’s time-tracking feature allows managers to view not only the amount of time an employee has worked but also specifically on which task or project they were working on. This helps them maintain productivity and manage projects more efficiently.

Idle Detection

If your person’s timer is running, but the software hasn’t detectedin inactivity for a certain amount of time, Hubstaff gives them an alert dialogue box. The idle prompt popup asks if the employee would like to keep or remove the time they were idle from their daily report. For instance, if something unexpected came up, or you had to leave your workdesk for some time and forgot to stop the timer, they could remove the time from their daily time report. The software then asks if the employee wants to continue or stop tracking time.

Web and App Tracking

This feature shows what websites and applications your team use and how long they use them. Website activity monitoring is one of the functions of an employee monitoring software solution; it allows you to see how much time employees are wasting on unproductive activities, social media, and irrelevant websites.


You can analyze how your employees are spending their time and how much projects cost, based on the time spent on them. This can help you in cost estimations and budgeting. The data is filterable on the basis of week, user, dates client, or project. If there’s a certain report you want to pull out at set intervals, you can schedule it and Hubstaff will automatically send it to you.

Multi-device accessibility

Following options are available for the employees on the go:

  • web (chrome),
  • desktop app (Mac, Windows, Linux),
  • mobile app (iOS, Android)

Also, GPS Tracking shows where team members travel while they’re on the clock and how long they spend at each destination. Admins can also set up geofencing, which automatically starts the timer when the employee arrives at a job site and then automatically stops it when they leave.


Sync Hubstaff to more than 30 third-party applications, including project management solutions like Asana, Basecamp, Jira, and Trello; accounting software like QuickBooks and FreshBooks; payroll and payment solutions like PayPal; and the Customer Relationship Management platform Salesforce.

Hubstaff doesn’t have some team monitoring tools like for filtering content, tracking files, tracking printing, or flagging the use of portable devices like thumb drives. It also doesn’t allow you to view monitored in activity real-time which is a basic feature of other time trackers.

If your priority is teams’ productivity or you want a less authoritative managing tool for your team, then you should consider Hubstaff for your organization. But if you’re looking for a surveillance program with the sole purpose to monitor employees’ behaviors and the content of their communications, Hubstaff probably isn’t the best choice.


Remoty is a time attendance tracking tool that helps teams foster a productive working environment for on-premise teams, distributed, hybrid, and especially remote teams. Remoty promotes employee empowerment and aims to build a culture of responsibility and self-accountability among team members. With this lightweight system, the users enjoy full work flexibility. The solution enhances coordination and collaboration among onboard team members by offering better visibility of their availability and statuses.

Remoty for Remote Work Lovers

Though Slack has some great apps, none of them offers time tracking with a special focus on intra-team coordination. With Remoty, teams diligently and voluntarily post their availability, efficiently manage tasks within assigned time, readily get help on blockers from fellow teammates and together create an atmosphere that nourishes connectivity, reliability, and a sense of inclusion among workforce.

Remoty for Team Leads

Remoty is a systematic and handy tool that makes stand-ups easy for team members who work late hours, thus check-in/out late, and ones that are in different time zones. A small dialogue box asks for stand-up notes. If any member checks in late or is leaving early can post their notes with the tool.

This way managers can analyze individual team members’ performance ( complete breakdown of working hours to break ratio) and generate logs at day end or the weekend to see who is putting how much time into work. 

Remoty in Your Fav Collaboration tool-Slack

In Slack, Remoty manages attendance smartly, generates meaningful reports, and with the touch of a button allows the admins to know their team members’  past statuses and current availability. It’s an all-in-one Slack built-in solution that makes it a must-have for freelancers and remote teams:

  • Shared workspace feel
  • Quick adoption for new teams
  • A format with transparency and visibility
  • Third-party integrations to optimize the entire workflow


With Remoty’s powerful attendance management module, admins can track employee time, availability, the number of check-ins/outs, and breaks.

Leave Tracking:

Admins can track absences, late arrivals, and Paid/unpaid Time Offs of members with complete status of availed and available leaves. Admins receive timely reminders to approve or deny away/vacation requests from employees.

Overtime Calculation:

In-depth information on the work hours of employees to ensure employees don’t work overtime unhealthily.


The Timesheet Management Module generates time reports that provide a 360-degree overview of the average check-in/out time, hours worked, and break time for a specific time frame. These reports enable management to analyze the overall performance of an employee against the tasks in real-time.

Payroll Reporting:

The system records each employee’s check-in/out and categorizes it for billable/non-billable hours. These records for the customizable periods can be downloaded and shared for seamless payroll processing.

A/Synchronous Standups:

Async stand-ups let you stay up-to-date with the current work status of employees and communicate achievable goals with your team on daily basis with time/place flexibility.

Live Chat:

You can reach out to colleagues instantly or request assistance in case of blockers. The open group Slack channels let you collaborate on different projects, and topics and facilitate communication between team members. You can also use private channels to share confidential information with selected team members.

Task Management

Remoty’s task management system optimizes your work processes and boosts productivity by fostering a culture of visibility and transparency in the workforce.

Employee Activity Monitoring:

The project members can view tasks by completion status, due dates, and fellow assigned members. While designating, team leads include clear task descriptions, set up due dates, and allocate group tasks.

Start/Stop Timer and Switch Tasks:

In Remoty, you can associate a task with your check-in with a single click and the timer will automatically start tracking that task for you. The smart tool also enables you to prioritize projects at any time in case something more important comes up.

Views and Dashboards:

Remoty’s Slack dashboard allows you to manage tasks, view task details, and generate invoices in just a few clicks without having to leave your Slack workspace. The Kanban-like Task Board View helps maintain workflow, avoid blockers, and visualize tasks in an organized clear format of to-do, in-progress, and done status tasks.

Task Tracking

With Remoty, you are in charge of tracking your time. Each of your tasks includes its priority, total time logged, progress, comments, and notifications. You can check the time for each member’s tasks & view their workload capacity to avoid burnout.

Task-wise Time Tracking

The admins can check who is ahead, behind, or stuck on assistance-needing blockers. Letting team members understand individual contributions to the projects  and sharing the total time spent on a task, along with the hours worked by each member encourages a healthy competitive atmosphere.

Invoice Generation

Remoty automatically tracks billable hours (task-wise) on numerous projects to bill clients. This system works best for teams that outsource services. 

ClickUp and Remoty Integration:

Remoty’s sync capability with ClickUp lets you create new tasks from either of the two platforms and facilitate the easy flow of data between both apps. With this 2-way sync; you can make a new task from any channel in Remoty or turn ClickUp messages into Remoty time tracking tasks, and comments.

This way you can improve visibility into your business by bringing all databases into a single system and save energy by tracking time within a single interface instead of toggling between different systems. This integration reduces the chances of errors made when manually entering data into separate systems. Whenever you send a task in Remoty, you’ll see additional details like due dates, tags, priority, assignees, and statuses. Remoty can also push ClickUp notifications about relevant updates from your tasks and projects.


Minimize context switching and utilize the max of your precious time with powerful integrations like ClickUp Hubstaff and Remoty. Optimize your work processes with the time tracking tool that caters to your and your teams’ requirements.

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