Top 3 Developer Time Tracking Free Applications

by Hafsa Abdullah
developer task tracking

Technological advancements are revolutionizing the world at an exponential rate. Our work lives and preferences have evolved much over a period of mere two decades. Today, like many other fields, work management systems and user-friendly applications are available for people and organizations related to the field of software designing, development, and deployment.

Developers require software products that offer the best experience in time tracking, task management, billing, and payroll generation. Here we have compiled the best 3 developer time tracking applications, along with their pricing plans for you to check out.

1. Remoty

Remoty is the task and time tracking software. It provides many simple features in a very budget-friendly package for agile teams and freelancers. Tracking attendance, leaves, generating invoices, taking breaks gives you a better experience in managing your time fully. Its easy-to-use features help developers to keep a track of their projects and tasks using this application. It is budget-friendly and also gives many features at a very affordable price with its free trial. You can avail of its lifetime deal at a very affordable price of $69 which is a reduced amount and can be changed in near future. So, avail of this great application for tracking developer tasks in a single click.

Link to lifetime deal of Remoty.

developer time tracking

Features of Remoty

To describe any application, its features play an important role.

  • Manage tasks: Simple and easy commands are used for creating tasks and keep a record of daily check-in and check out. Therefore, the daily presence of developers or team members is managed through this app that records their work per hour at a specific task. We are working on Jira and Trello integration tools for better developer time tracking at Remote.
  • Generate invoice: Remote provides users with a feature of generating invoices which not only saves time but also saves resources such as paper, stamps, and envelopes. This in addition makes remotely a step ahead in protecting our natural environment. Invoices usually are kept for long periods making them difficult to manage physically, it eliminates these problems as it provides secure invoices management system with all basic features such as enhanced tracking capabilities, reporting capabilities, etc.
  • Daily standups:  it gives a feature of daily standups which encourages positive team building and improves collaboration. These daily standups are important in agile projects. This feature reduces the number of daily or weekly physical meetings which can be exhausting for the entire team and lead to wastage of precious time in agile projects.
  • Timesheets: Timesheets save your time by giving you every detail of developers from starting date to the ending date.
  • Export payrolls: it allows online Payroll services which would instead require at least one specific person for manually calculating time, attendance information, calculating tax, checks, etc. Hence eliminating these problems of Payroll Remoty increases efficiency, improves labor management, decreases the potential for errors, and simplifies compliance.

Pricing plans

Start your free trial to avail the best budget plan that suits you.

$0/active user for freelancers


$4/active user for teams.


Exclusive Time Tracking Tool For Developers Right Within Slack

Get started for free. No card required.


TMetric is the personal time tracking application that will help to manage your personal projects with its great practical tools to keep your focus on your task and also keep you away from any distractions. It manages your productivity and also your time in a productive way. Developer time tracking managed with TMetric simplifies their workflow and their working space. Weekly reports can be generated through TMetric in a click to see whether it is working for your personal goods or not. The best thing is that you can track time without your internet which is the best feature of it.

Features of TMetric

Time tracking features of TMetric are:

  • Time tracking: using a timer, track the task on which you are working and keep a record of every time given to a specific task you are working on.
  • Adding time manually: Time can be added manually using this feature.
  • Offline mode: Track your task without an internet connection is also possible due to its offline feature.
  • Team management: Manage team by monitoring their productivity and their active hours.
  • Billing and invoicing: Create your invoice according to your working hours and set your billing rate.
  • Task management: Create a task with effective workflow features which help you to focus on work.
  • Project management: Create projects and set their rate and budget.
  • Time off: Take permission for a day off and keep a record of attendance of every team member by this simple feature.

Pricing plan

Every plan includes a free 30-day trial to get the best user experience through TMetric.

 Business  $7/month

 Professional  $5/month

Free  $0/month


DeskTime is a simple time tracking app which keeps a record of your unproductive practices. Choosing this app will manage your time effectively, track your tasks, and have many different features. It is available with the best suitable packages and discounts can be provided if you paid annually. DeskTIME 14 days free trial is also available. Therefore, many different problems are solved by this application for a better experience.



Features of DeskTime

  • Employee time management
  • Productivity record
  • Task or project management
  • Generating Reports
  • Screenshots
  • Invoice generation
  • Grasp shift
  • Attendance tracking

There are many features offered by DeskTime for a user better experience and also provide a better platform for teams and freelancers.

Pricing plan

  • Free lite has only a few features that are available free of cost.
  • the pro package gives 13 features within $95 monthly with $5.94 per user.
  • Premium package gives more features than pro package within $124 monthly with $7.75 per user.
  • Enterprise package gives everything with VIP support for $190 monthly with $11.88 per user.


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