An Ultimate Guide to Jira Cloud Time Tracking and Remoty 2.0

by Hamna Ayaz
Jira Cloud Time Tracking

Global Workforce is embracing digitalization and is entering a new era of infinite flexibility, scalability, and compliance in work processes. There are numerous tools that have facilitated this transition. One such app that can help you adapt to the changing demands of your working teams is Jira.  Jira is a well-known software development tool that offers a vast variety of apps and inbuilt features to streamline your workflow.

The software has managed to attain a significant position in corporate workplaces by delivering value in the form of a variety of software products and services. In this article, we have collected some valuable information about how Remoty 2.0 can facilitate you in Jira Cloud Time Tracking.

Atlassian Jira

Atlassian is an Australian software company that develops products for software developers, project managers, and other tech-related teams. Jira is one of its proprietary issue tracking products that allows bug tracking and agile project management. The ease of use, subscription-based affordable pricing, and extensive range of features make this Software as a Service solution one of the most attractive options for all business and tech companies. Its cloud hosting infrastructure is designed for optimal performance and reliability of the workforce around the globe.

4-Quick Steps to Configure Jira Time Tracking Report by User 

To understand Cloud Time Tracking in Jira, let’s first clear what time tracking really is?

What is Time Tracking?

Time tracking refers to how organizations record the working hours of people, ensure that everyone is on the same page, and gets compensated accurately for his/her time. Time Tracking is a subcategory of ‘time and attendance,’ which is an umbrella term that typically includes other elements like attendance/absences, paid/unpaid time off, billable hours, and scheduling, etc.

The time tracking process can be broken down into three main steps:

  • Time entry
  • Approvals
  • Reporting

Time entry is the daily process by which an employer records employees’ starting times (punching-in), finishing times (punching-out), and work breaks not included in the employee’s contractual agreement. These times are called timestamps, can be recorded on a physical document called a timecard or via an electronic method like a spreadsheet or time-tracking software.

Unlike traditional methods, the management software saves your time, effort, and energy. Businesses now take a proactive initiative to achieve sustainable development goals. The practice of storage of manual timesheets, reports punch cards is becoming obsolete. The software stores the entire information of the users into the local servers or cloud-based database which can be easily accessed through computers or other devices.

The approvals can be automated or regulated by the admin. The statistical visuals generated by the automated system show the complete performance record of each employee on each project. This helps the admin monitor present productivity trends and forecast for better future decision-making.

A good time tracker app comes along with additional features such as hourly wages or work breaks. Customer user information can also be gathered via the software to help improve online traffic and business profitability.

Benefits of Using Automated Cloud Time Tracking Solutions

Coming across challenges at work might urge employees to procrastinate work and commit time-theft. It not only hampers the in-time project completion goals but also causes companies a great deal of loss as they have to pay for unproductive work hours. For management, it becomes difficult to track the real-time data of jobs done by every employee manually. Attendance and time tracking software manage this hectic and time-consuming task for them. With accurate data, comprehensive productivity reports, and proper statistics in hand, companies can hold the defaulters accountable. Moreover, application software comes with many inbuilt tools that make work management a piece of cake for you. The software syncs well with third-party integration tools.

Workforce Management Systems, like Jira, are specifically designed according to the requirements of your particular field. They help you to streamline your workflow and make your work team more agile and productive at work.

Task management systems are ideal for employees who work in office environments, from remote locations, or with the option of time flexibility.  Routine tasks which were once frustrating can now be made simple and stress-free by leveraging the power of a cloud-based time tracking tool like Jira.


General features that every cloud-based, in fact, every time tracking software have are as follows:

1.      Minimizes Chances of Employee Time Theft

Due to time theft, companies suffer in terms of project delay and making pay-outs for unproductive staff hours. The software enables efficient management of employee attendance, absences, leaves, schedules, and current projects. Companies can analyze the work patterns of members who fail to meet up the project deadline with cloud time tracking solutions.

2.      Accurate Analysis

The cloud software offers the feature to create customized reports that can be accessed in real-time. It helps to track employee performance and gives companies a fair idea about the factors such as production and profitability. It helps in better future decision-making and planning. The system also points out irregular attendance issues.

3.      Keeps Records

The cloud software provides detailed and extensive reports of the work progress of each employee to team admins. It also serves as a tool for the employee to track their work progress leading to self-assessment. The comprehensive records of Paid Time Off, productivity, attendance, absence, and vacation of every user are maintained.

4.      Streamlines the Payroll, Billing, and Invoicing System

The computerized cloud system ensures the authenticity of the reporting feature. It helps the management keep track of each member’s pay calculations by keeping track of his/her absences, leaves (pending or used)., late arrivals, etc.


Some particular cloud-based features are discussed as follows:

1.      Control Costs and Scale-Up / Down Anytime

For cloud-based infrastructure, you need to pay on a subscription basis or for the services you will use, which means you don’t need to stress yourself for recurring maintenance overheads. You can save that amount for investment in advanced digital development and the latest technology infrastructure, product, and service improvements. Jira Cloud Time Tracking solution allows you to scale up as per customer demand. It allows flexibility to increase the server’s capacity, add more users, or manage increased demand in no time. You can flex up or down as per your requirement, which is impossible with the on-premise solution.

2.      Stay Up to Date

Cloud lets you access the latest versions of the apps, tools, and software you use as the updates are automatic. This also leads to on-the-go availability of the latest features to teams. With Jira Cloud Time Tracking, you don’t have to be concerned about wasting time on maintenance; instead, you can focus on the things that matter more for business profits.

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3.      Ensures Security and Compliance

Reliability and performance are critical in Cloud systems. Jira Cloud Time Tracking products are hosted on best-in-class AWS infrastructure. Your data is protected with encryption (in transit and at rest), mobile device management, IP allowlisting, and more.

Jira ensures personal data privacy with full transparency of data storage. The products and practices are built to allow you to actively manage and control your data and support your organization in meeting data privacy obligations.

Jira meets global compliance requirements with features like data residency, coverage for audit reports, and regulations like SOC2, GDPR, and more. The cloud solution regularly performs comprehensive security audits to provide independent assurance that they are meeting their customer needs.

4.      Increased Collaboration and Faster Deployment

Cloud-based solutions can be deployed within no time. Cloud computing also allows teams to collaborate anytime from anywhere easily. The real-time data sync increases the communication and efficiency of employees.

When all of your tools are connected and work perfectly with one another, you and your users don’t lose time or brain space context switching. With one platform underpinning all cloud products, the user experience is smarter, more connected, and more consistent. Moreover, enhanced search functionality and machine learning optimize content discovery and collaboration.

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Why Switch to Jira Cloud-Based Time Tracking Solution?

Here are the essential features which make Jira a worth try:

Intuitiveness and Easy Administration

It is easy to deploy and helps you manage the time attendance-related needs of your business. It also helps you gain complete control over projects, resources, costs, billing, etc. It supports both your front-office and back-office systems.

In-build Features

Jira shares data with commonly used CRM, project management, accounting, and ERP applications. It provides real-time visibility into clients, projects, resources, and billing using reports and advanced dashboards (Kanban/Sprints). This lets you stay on top of business.

Customization and Integration

Jira is configurable to your unique requirements, models complex time tracking use cases, and supports comprehensive end-to-end workflows. It is a great software for multi-dimensional organizations to build tailor-made end-users products for different departments as per their needs. It has the ability to integrate and work within the environment of thousands of third-party applications, which makes it more suitable for different types of organizations and industries.

Scalable and Agile

Jira is a modern, agile, and purpose-built time management product. It boosts your scalability by handling large, global deployments, ensuring that your business gets the maximum Return on Investments as it grows.

Multi-device Accessibility

Jira provides accessibility from any mobile device. Cloud mobile apps include almost complete coverage of all views that are available on the web. As a manager, you receive real-time updates on a single screen from your desktop or mobile phone—thus delivering you the data you need right now to make smart decisions. And without the need for a VPN, it’s easier for teams to stay connected while maintaining the right level of security.

Streamlined Implementation

Jira has robust infrastructure technology and processes to ensure the safety, scalability, security, and integrity fit for your enterprise. Its support system is available 24/7 to detect and fix issues before any impact on the business. Jira offers 99.9 percent SLA uptime, providing complete transparency with live status updates.

Organized Roadmaps

Roadmaps help you plan and communicate better in Jira Software. They keep your teams and organization in sync and on target to achieve goals. You can plan and track your team’s progress in real-time. The software lets you visualize dependencies within your team so you’re able to account for them when you’re making plans.

Some advanced features are also offered which lets you see multiple teams’ capacity on a sprint-by-sprint basis. It helps you account for whether your teams have the bandwidth to complete the work they’ve been assigned.  You can also create multiple versions of your roadmap to account for different options or best and worst-case scenarios. The smart filters ensure you can always share the right view of your roadmap for every stakeholder. Your roadmaps stay in sync with the work of your teams in Jira Software.

Jira Automation

Jira lets you focus on the important things, automation handles the rest. From auto-assigning to syncing work across projects and products, Jira has it all covered. You can start right away with in-built automation templates.

Support and Training

Jira also offers an online support portal, online documentation, and tutorial videos for customer support. You can easily contact them for further queries.

Jira Reviews and Ratings

Here are reviews on Jira by some of the renowned and reliable software products and services rating sources.

NameRatingReviews (and counting)




Top Performer 2021, Established Player



89% Positive Reviews

97% would recommend this app



Top 50 enterprise products

Software Advice4.39/510971



Top Rated 2021


Jira Pricing

There are 4 packages:

  • Free: $0 for 10 users
  • Standard: $7.50 per user (average) OR $75 a month
  • Premium: $14.50 per user (average) OR  $145 a month
  • Enterprise: The billing cycle is annual and is available for organizations with 800+ people

How Remoty can help?

Remoty is robust time-tracking software for your Slack and Jira Teams that fosters a culture of hybrid working environment with a sense of accountability and teamwork in the workforce. Whether your employees work remotely, in-house, independently, or in distributed teams, Remoty is suitable for people of all working styles and industries. It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS-based) designed to digitalize the HR process and allow you to spend less time on administrative tasks and concentrate on priorities.

The software is an all-in-one solution for time/task tracking, task management, payroll, invoicing, employee performance monitoring. It provides a separate employee portal where the employees can mark attendance, apply for leaves and holidays, view their work progress, stay up to date with upcoming events, and have their personal information in one place. It is easy to create a progress chart and visuals to see all the teams and departments, including the chain of the work distribution process. Most importantly, the software also helps to safeguard the organization’s crucial and sensitive data by granting access to selective users.

Learn more about Remoty here!

Remoty Jira Plugin: Cloud-Based Time Tracking Solution

Jira has numerous integrations and plugins to support the work management functions. It syncs with 3000+ accounting, invoicing, project management, etc apps and offers browser extensions as well.

So the question is; how does Remoty add value to Jira’s already so advanced set of functionalities? The simple answer is Time Tracking. Jira was missing a lightweight Time Tracking feature. The best part of Remoty is that it offers time tracking with reference to tasks per person. In short, you get a 360-overview of your teams’ productive hours with Remoty.

Jira-Remoty Integration has so much to offer. This integration has a 2-way working capability. You can use Remoty to import tasks from Jira and the tracked time is sent back to Jira.

In Jira, understanding the complex terms might overwhelm you at the start and you might require training to get along with Jira. But Remoty is specially designed to be intuitive. It has a user-friendly interface and Slack dashboard. Remoty is like a bridge of connection between your Slack and Jira teams.

Remoty also offers Trello-inspired Kanban Boards showing cards, visual signals, stickies, tickets, etc. The teams can write items per user per card.  The cards then help members and stakeholders visualize who is working on what at a particular time. Another feature of the kanban board is the columns. The columns represent a specific activity that together composes a workflow. It might have simple 3 stages; To Do, In Progress, and Done, or be a lot more complex as per your requirements. The work tasks flow from Commitment Point to Delivery Point. In this way, tasks are rightly organized and managed.

Who May Use Jira-Remoty Plugin?

The integration is suitable for all. As its time tracking feature caters to the needs of every company size; whether it be a small or medium-sized enterprise or a corporate giant, the plugin has it all covered.

The time tracking sync caters to the managerial needs of different teams leaders/members in the organizational hierarchy. The top management, middle managers, supervisors, and even employees can use it to streamline their workflows. The management can analyze the productivity trends by monitoring the progress of subordinates’ activities. The integration is compatible with the special requirements of every department and every specific team in multi-functional organizations. Moreover, its availability for different operating platforms is also very helpful as it enables smooth telecommuting.  The customization options streamline tasks and project activities.

Remoty Rating and Reviews

  • Capterra: 4.8/5 (4 reviews)
  • Appsumo: 5/5 (2 reviews)
  • Yet to be Rated on Jira Marketplace

Remoty Pricing

Remoty offers 2 packages along with a Free Demo.

  • Freelancers: $2/user
  • Teams: $4/user

Is Jira-Remoty Integration worth it?

Yes. Absolutely!

Jira Software is being used as a planning and tracking module in various organizations around the globe. Organizations can integrate Remoty Time Track within the Jira Software to monitor issues and set different workflows for different teams as per their working requirements.

Have you used Remoty or Jira?  Which apps do you use? In what ways have those products contributed value to you or your organization? Eager to hear from you all!

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