20 Reliable Legal Time Tracking Software in 2022

by Hamna Ayaz
Legal Time Tracking Software

While the legal profession can be incredibly promising, by its nature, working as a legal practitioner can be stressful, which means that burnout and exhaustion can become serious problems if left unchecked. The ultra-competitive culture in the legal profession is leading to excessive hours and overworked lawyers, rampant work-related stress, and widespread well-being and mental health issues. 

A survey by the insurance firm Protectivity suggests that the profession of lawyers is the second most stressed profession in Britain. LawCare’s Life in the Law study (2020/21) found that 61% of lawyers suffered anxiety, 48% reported low moods, and 32% reported a strain on family/relationships. 

Modern time tracking and task management software like Remoty offers features that allow advocates and attorneys to automate their daily routine, increase their productivity and gain more trust among their clients. The Legal Time Tracking Software offers advanced features of Slack time tracking, invoicing, and accounting capabilities specially designed for this particular field. The software also integrates with task management systems and larger accounting platforms to keep a holistic picture of the work hours contribution of each member.

Why do lawyers need Time Tracking Solution?

Legal practitioners work on multiple projects often for multiple clients in a single day. It’s time-consuming and challenging to reconstruct what they worked on at the end of a long day, especially with manual ways of time tracking. Moreover,  forensically tracking down how much time was spent on a case only gets harder when the time tracking is postponed. 


There are numerous challenges faced by lawyers in their daily lives which have a significant impact on their work processes. Some of them are listed as the following:

  • Advocates don’t have enough time for strategic planning.
  • A lack of information about time utilization, lawyers’  productivity, and profitability per client.
  • Advocates don’t have reliable insights into how many hours their associates spend on different tasks and clients.
  • Attorneys aren’t skilled in key performance indicators (KPI) management.
  • The controlling and budgeting function isn’t properly implemented.
  • Managers and senior associates don’t invest the required time in leadership skills and business development opportunities.

What is Lawyers Time Tracking Solution

Time tracking software for lawyers is a solution for developing the work productivity and improvement of invoicing and payroll processes. It provides a structure for administration time consumption and overtime calculations. The lawyer time tracking app should  provide   crucial insights on :

  • Collaboration with clients subordinates, colleagues, and management
  • Work productivity (time-wise task break-down)
  • Categorization of billable and non-billable hours
  • Allocation of costs and calculation of  profits per client/employee

Essentials of Legal Time Tracking Software

  • Intuitiveness for convenience in time tracking. 
  • Email and calendars to review scheduled meetings, conference calls, and court dates.
  • Phone systems with logging features to review a log of calls made by date along with their duration.
  • Document management folders/ software help lawyers sort and filter work documents to get a  glimpse of work processes done on a previous date.
  • A holistic view of billable/ non-billable time for better time management.
  • Digital timesheet feature with customization.
  • Compatibility with multiple devices and platforms.
  • Advanced level of security and compliance.

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20 Reliable Legal Time Tracking Software

With a system like Remoty, there is a myriad of options to track your time in the way that’s easiest and most convenient for you. No matter how you track your time, every work entry gets put into a comprehensive timesheet that’s unique to every member of your law firm. With all of your tracked time database in one place, you can review, add, edit, or delete a time entry at any time. 

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1. Remoty

The evaluation and management of each client’s profitability and attorney’s productivity in an effective way is crucial for law firms today. Time and expense tracking software for lawyers can be a good growth infrastructure. Insights from the time and expense reports are an excellent foundation for preparing a firm’s revenue and cost budgeting. 

Remoty fosters a culture of a hybrid working environment with a sense of accountability and teamwork in the workforce. Whether your attorneys work remotely, in-house, independently, or in distributed teams, Remoty is suitable for legal practitioners of all working styles and industries.

The software is an all-in-one solution for time/task tracking, case management, payroll, invoicing, and employee performance monitoring. It provides a separate portal where the team members can apply for leaves and holidays, views their work progress, stays up to date with upcoming events, and have their personal information in one place. It is easy to create a progress chart and visuals to see all the teams and departments, including the chain of the work distribution process. Most importantly, the software also helps to safeguard the law firm’s crucial and sensitive data by granting access to selective users.

Here is a list of features Remoty has to offer you:

Simple and Interactive Time Tracking

Remoty offers an interactive time tracker that starts and stops with a click. The attorneys can record time and keep track of the billable/non-billable hours. 

Idle Time Tracking 

This is one of the most important KPIs for all service companies including legal firms. The details of non-billable hours are utilized to analyze the non-productive hours of the attorneys. In the case, that the time utilization rate significantly decreases, you can spot and evaluate the reason for that. In the timesheet reports, the utilization rate is calculated for each project, employee, and, client.

Remoty helps you track the productive time of lawyers at work. The lawyers can request breaks and paid time offs. The management can overview the workflow. 

Distraction Management

Daily stand-up meetings lead to more productive teams. Your team can benefit from short, focused meetings that help keep you aligned on projects, overcome obstacles, and meet goals. The Remoty‘s daily meeting fosters a collaborative, healthy environment for better decision-making and problem-solving. The daily stand-ups of Remoty help everyone to align their daily goals.

Project and Task Management

You can create projects and tasks quickly with Remoty and track time for each of them separately. Also, you can assign a project or task to an attorney or specific people. Remoty’s timesheet template collects details like client name, project name, tasks, details of work performed, total hours, total billable hours, billable hourly rate.

Insightful Reports 

Remoty generates many insightful reports showing your team’s productivity and time use. Some of them are:

  • Activity: This shows the utilized time, unproductive time, active time, etc.
  • Hours: This shows the hours tracked by an attorney during a specific time.
  • Attendance: View the attendance status of different attorneys, i.e., whether they’re absent, present, partially present, or late arrival.
  • Timeline: Comprehensive report on the time spent by lawyers’ on tasks and breaks per day.
  • Project and task: The time an attorney spent on each project and task.

Payroll Management

Though time entry is essential to the financial health of a firm, it’s also liable to remain one of the most unpleasant administrative, legal tasks. Time tracking is just one part of the billing process. The most efficient and profitable law firms create systems that make the invoicing/payroll process easier for not only clients and employed lawyers but also for the management. Remoty’s payroll generation enables you to process salaries based on the timesheet data. You can customize this feature based on period, methods, currencies, and rates of payment. The full record of time entries and work descriptions is unique to every project and client of the organization.


Remoty offers extensive time-track capabilities for your Jira, ClickUp and Slack Teams. Remoty is a built-in plugin within Slack. The teams who are accustomed to using the Slack dashboard get an edge as they don’t have to spend time separately learning how to work with Remoty.

Jira-Remoty Integration has so much to offer. This integration has a 2-way working capability. You can use Remoty to import tasks from Jira and the tracked time/task/person is sent back to Jira.

Latest Features

The launch of Remoty 2.0 is offering a great deal of value for your Jira and Slack teams.

  • Kanban boards

Remoty also offers Trello-inspired Kanban Boards showing cards, visual signals, stickies, tickets, etc. The teams can write items per user per card.  The cards then help members and stakeholders visualize who is working on what at a particular time. Another feature of the kanban board is the columns. The columns represent a specific activity that together composes a workflow. It might have simple 3 stages; To Do, In Progress, and Done, or be a lot more complex as per your requirements. The work tasks flow from Commitment Point to Delivery Point. In this way, tasks are rightly organized and managed.

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  • Web-based Dashboard

Remoty’s web-based dashboard is an information management tool, that uses data visualization technology to analyze and display information visually in a practical and useful way. It manages information by tracking data points that are important to the legal practitioners and enables you to monitor and measure your firm’s performance and metrics. The dashboard tools provide real-time centralized access to authorized users allowing them to interact with and evaluate information, helping them in smarter, better, data-driven decision-making.

Keep Track of Time and Attendance To Ensure Transparency

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2. Clio

Clio is a legal project management solution for time tracking, task management, client payments, and payroll generation. It enables law firms and legal-industry-related businesses to manage client cases and documents, meet important deadlines, process payments, and bill clients.

  • The app dashboard displays billable hour targets and goals and tracks performance based on categorized metrics.
  • Clio payment option allows lawyers to receive payments either directly into a client’s trust or an operating account.
  • Clio automates the client billing process, reduces costs, and minimizes the chances of errors by allowing legal firms to create custom bill plans, manage fee structures, carry out automatic or manual time entry, bill via email, and let stakeholders access information via email or the secure client portal.
  • The document management features include document automation, custom field creation, electronic signature capture, etc.
  • Clio supports more than 240 integrations including other law practice management software solutions, marketing tools, payment platforms, and more.
  • It offers a professional mobile app for easy access, project tracking, and legal matters management while working off-site/remotely. The mobile app also offers push notifications and messaging tools to keep users connected.

3. Smokeball

Smokeball is a lawyer time management software solution that combines productivity features with automatic time tracking for better project management and expense tracking.

  • Smokeball automatically tracks your and your legal teams’ whole day (whether you bill hourly, with flat fees, or work on contingency), allowing you to gain a deep understanding of profitability per matter and practice area. Smokeball provides you the insights through reports and analytics.
  • Smokeball integrates with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. Everything you and your firm members do within Smokeball or integrated applications is timed, tracked, and associated with the appropriate file automatically.
  • It allows users to share folders and files with clients and colleagues via a client portal.
  • With over 14,000 automated forms, it is a suitable document management tool.
  • It offers synced e-filing and electronic signatures for better case management.
  • Smokeball’s mobile app is built for iPhone and Android. It also has a computer running app for Windows 8 or 10.

4. TimeSolv

TimeSolv is a project management program that allows extensive capabilities of time-tracking, client billing, budget management, expense tracking, staff monitoring, invoicing, and reporting. It caters to the needs of law firms, accountants, consultants, architects, and freelancers, helping them manage daily business operations.

  • Timesolv’s case management features and document management tools help lawyers store and streamline databases. They can utilize the feature of auto-filling of documents (in standard format). Timesolv also has tags and folders on projects and matters for organizing work processes.
  • The app offers functionalities of client invoicing and batches billing. Moreover, the integration with LawPay, allows users to pay their bills online. Users can upload images of receipts to invoice documents. TimeSolv also provides reports so law managers or practitioners can track their billable hours and budget in real-time.
  • TimeSolv offers syncing capability with Office 365, QuickBooks, Xero Accounting, Dropbox, and NetDocuments. It also integrates with  Law Ruler: the best Customer Relationship Management tool and marketing automation software for law firms.)
  • It offers Computer, Android, and iOS apps.
  • You can also request Automated Data Backup on your designated schedule.

5. Zola Suite

Zola Suite is a cloud-based legal practice management solution for law firms of different scales.

  • The tool’s dashboard enables users to manage and track legal cases from a single place and provide information about activity logs, upcoming events, emails, and calendars. The app filters projects by practice area, attorney, or custom fields to view on the dashboard.
  • Zolo Suite manages lawyer access to sections like billing and accounting based on categories like an issue /dispute or case).
  • The app integrates with lawyers’ existing email accounts and automatically detects inbound emails from case-related contacts. The legal firm’s employees can convert their emails into tasks for their to-do list.  It also offers automatic timers for creating emails and phone calls related to cases.
  • The document management feature has the capability to manage and store documents, control versions, comment on and tag documents, as well as email files as attachments.
  • It also provides a client portal for customers to collaborate, share files, and access billing information.
  • Zola Suite can be accessed via any device. The mobile application available for iOS and Android is capable of scanning documents and business cards.
  • The tool also integrates with larger platforms like Dropbox, LawPay, RPost, OneDrive,  Microsoft Word, and Outlook.

6. PracticePanther

PracticePanther is a legal management software that can automate processes in a law firm. It is a suitable solution for legal practice specialization in areas of commercial, consumer, corporate, bankruptcy,  family, estate planning, employment, insurance law, etc.

  • The time recording tool also helps streamline your workflow to increase the firm’s efficiency and client satisfaction by tracking billable hours in real-time and displaying them through a well-organized dashboard.
  • The solution provides users access to task and event workflows, credit card processing, notifications and chats, and client portal.
  • PracticePanther offers mobile apps for iOS and Android users, allowing users to access the software remotely and sync data across multiple devices. It is also both Mac and PC compatible.
  • The software can be integrated with calendaring, docketing, emailing apps along with Box, Dropbox, QuickBooks, PayPal, etc.

7. Chrometa

Chrometa is a time management, project management, and invoicing tool. It helps law firms in proper monitoring of expenses, budget allocation, and project time/person/task. Thus, improves team productivity, and minimizes firms’ costs.

Key Features

  • The time tracking solution for lawyers automatically allocates hours to projects, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • It also supports automated work tagging.
  • It offers integration with 50+ other apps including task management, contact management, document management, time tracking, billing and invoicing, trust accounting, CRM, and payment processing.

8. Timely

Timely is a time tracking software that automates time recording. It’s a user-friendly remote solution with high privacy protection features.

Key Features

  • It offers automated time tracking.
  • It ensures proper monitoring of employee capacity, hours, and overtime. You can drill down the information about any of the specific areas from the dashboard. 
  • The task tracking feature includes planning, collaborating, and organizing projects effectively.  Project and team planning involve scheduling all resources from one place.
  • Timely offers integration with various other solutions.

9. Tmetric

TMetric is a light billing and time tracking software that supports small businesses to scale up, increase their profit, and efficiently manage a workforce. 

Key Features

  • It offers time tracking for legal practitioners.
  • TMetric’s team management involves task assignment, productivity measurement, workflow monitoring along with a detailed breakdown of each project/task according to the assigned person and time-all visible in the dashboard.
  • The project management includes setting projects, project’s billable hourly rates, and budgets, deadline tracking.
  • The tracked database can be utilized to generate reports.
  • It offers comprehensive payroll, billing, and invoicing features. The reports can be printed in various formats.
  • TMetric is available on platforms such as macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

10.    Timetracker by eBillity

The Timetracker is a legal time and billing software solution that provides management capabilities for employee payroll and client billing processes. It’s more suitable for smaller law firms.

Key Features

  • It provides the facility of time tracking with reminders for time entries.
  • Admin can set time entry approval. They can also edit, add, delete, customize and share timesheets with the concerned stakeholders.
  • The system shares overtime calculations and alerts.
  • It generates customized reports on attendance tracking.
  • Like desktop, the tool is compatible with mobile devices (for iOS and Android) 
  • Timetracker provides 3rd party integrations with various other project management, attendance management, case management, calendaring, and document tracking tools.

11. Jibble

Jibble is a time tracking software solution with GPS capabilities and an onsite time clock that helps lawyers track attendance, ensure compliance, and manage payrolls. The tool is for attorneys of all levels.

Key Features

  • Attorneys can track their billable cases in real-time and eliminate the need to fill in the hours after they meet a client. They have the liberty to create custom tags for their time entries, mention the activities and projects they worked on, and send powerful insights of billable hours to your clients.
  • The tool lets management collaborate with the team by letting them view their time entries and individual timesheets so you can plan for future project cases accordingly.
  • Jibble provides chat and email support. The tool is web-based and also has a mobile app (for iOS and Android devices).

12. Homebase

Homebase is a timeclock solution that helps legal firms manage their team, schedule lawyers’ working hours, and track billable hours and payroll.

Key Features

  • The tool lets you manage schedules in real-time and keep your calendar up to date with detailed information on upcoming events. You can arrange meetings, share documents, and add company events to your schedule. You can also utilize a built-in messaging platform as a swift communication channel to track and forecast the availability of your associates and team members.
  • As a legal official, you can set or change meetings with your clients according to your desire.
  • The software offers email, chat, and phone support. The tool has a web-based and mobile ( iOS and Android) app.

13. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is an accounting, invoicing and time tracking app for legal practitioners.

Key Features

  • You can start a timer when getting down to work, fill in timesheets manually, use mobile apps or Chrome extension timer – trace every billable hour the way you desire. You can review your firm’s timesheets and get a quick summary of their daily activities with a simple and intuitive calendar dashboard.
  • With FreshBooks, you can track time against a specific client case and use your time logs to build billings and invoices and send them to your clients or save them for future reference.
  • With FreshBooks Mileage Tracking, every time your car moves for the sake of business activities, it’s an expense you can claim at tax time. You can automatically log each trip and also saves your travel history.
  • The app also helps lawyers and clients in building clear proposals and reasonable estimates.

14. ActiTime

The tool is an efficient time tracking software for attorneys with the main capabilities of billing & invoicing, project management, reporting. It also offers browser extension mobile app compatibility and integrations with numerous powerful apps (like QuickBooks and Zapier)

Key Features

  • You can build a client case, task, project, or any other scope structure that suits your law firm’s requirements.
  • The app also lets you make custom fields such as ‘Litigation Code’ (UTBMS coding) or ‘Practice Area’ to sort tasks according to activities or areas of law, review and sort your data using analytical insights.

15. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a free time and attendance app with many useful features. The PC app lets you track the time you spent on the computer. It records all websites, applications, and activities you spend time on and gathers all the information in comprehensive reports with all your tracked hours.

Key Features

  • TimeCamp scans the domain names of your apps and groups them into pre-defined categories so you can work without interruptions.
  • With TimeCamp’s billing feature, you can mark your tracked time as either billable or non-billable and speed up your invoicing as well as resource management.
  • TimeCamp works for attendance reporting. It also has a single-click solution to eliminate the need to manually go through timesheets of team members.


DeskTime is a lawyer time tracking software with an automatic time tracker. The app notes and analyzes your productivity. It shows graphs and statistics with a detailed analysis of your activities. You can also use it as a time clock app to record employee attendance.

Key Features

  • The time tracking app tracks URLs, applications, programs, and document titles. You can enable the Pomodoro timer to remind your team to take breaks and avoid burnout.
  • It is available as a PC and mobile app (Android, iOS).  It also offers integrations with other powerful tools like Jira, Asana, Zapier, Basecamp, Goggle and Outlook calendar, etc.
  • The offline time tracking feature lets you categorize the reasons for absence and put them down as productive, unproductive, or neutral. In this way, you’ll have a more precise overview of your team’s workload, time management, and productivity.
  •  The software lets you see an employee’s presence/absence data to quickly calculate payroll with Absence Calendar
  • The private time option allows your employees to take a digital timeout on their computers. When it’s turned on, their automatically tracked work time is paused and all tracking of computer activity ceases.

17. RescueTime

RescueTime is a productivity monitoring tool for legal practitioners that gives a personal daily Focus Work goal and automatically keeps track as they work on cases with their clients.

Key Features

  • The app tracks what you’re working on and alerts you to the best times for uninterrupted work, or when you’re losing focus and trying to tackle too many tasks at once. RescueTime blocks distractions and helps you stay focused on the task at hand.
  • The time management feature helps you create better habits based on your unique working style. You can discover your strengths and see where you need to improve.

18. MyHours

My Hours is an attorney time tracking tool with custom reporting features. You can prioritize your work by organizing them into categories of ‘to do-s’ and ‘low priority.’  You can calculate budget, expenses, losses, and costs after setting a billable hours rate.

Key Features

  • With a simple 3-role system, the admin always knows who sees what. The team leader can hide costs and billable amounts from anyone, except account administrators.
  • My Hours does not record your or your team members’ screens. No screenshots, no apps tracked, no employee monitoring is done. You can just view the work logs that your team members have entered to generate reports and also can approve or comment on your team’s time logs.
  • With My Hours fancy dashboards, you can calculate your profit, generate real-time pivot tables or download a simple weekly timesheet.

19. Amberlo

Amberlo enables attorneys to manage matters, clients, and related information including emails, contacts, documents, tasks, timesheets, invoices, and payments. The tool makes it easy for lawyers to collaborate on one case and share different pieces of information in an intuitive manner.

Key Features

  • Legal calendering lets you stay current on all matter events and deadlines. Once you mark an event in the calendar, see that specific matter/project and access the entire client file from any calendar event.
  • The document management option lets you store, edit, and sync all your law firm’s documents. You can upload a template and automatically fill in contact and matter details into it with no hassle.

20. Indy

Indy is a suitable software choice for Individual consultants, lawyers, attorneys, barristers, solicitors, law firms, government institutions with a built-in time tracker, calendar, and invoicing features.

Key Features

  • Legally-sound freelance contract templates just require a few steps away from getting the electronic signature.
  • The engaging, professional-looking proposals and estimates help lawyers secure and begin projects faster.
  • The organized paper trail of comments and revisions made with Indy’s Files tool doesn’t even require an account to participate.
  • Lawyers can streamline their conversation and workflow with Indy’s centralized chat feature.

Pricing, Rating, and Reviews






Freelancers: $2/user

Teams: $4/user

Free Demo is available.

G2: –

Capterra: 4.8



When billed monthly:

Starter – $49/user per month.

Boutique – $69/user per month.

Elite – $109/user per month.

Suite – $145/user per month.

Enterprise – Custom Pricing

A free trial is available.

G2: 4.5

Capterra: 4.7

3.SmokeballSmokeball offers a customized package.

G2: 4.8

Capterra: 4.8


When billed monthly:

1-4 users – $39.95 per user per month

5-14 – users $34.95 per user per month

15 + users – $29.95 per user per month

A 30-day trial.

G2: 4.5

Capterra: 4.6



When billed monthly:

Core – $69 per user/month.

Enterprise – $89 per user/month.

Enterprise Plus – $99 per user/month

G2: 4.8

Capterra: – 4.6



When billed monthly:

Solo – $49 per user/month

Essential – $69 per user/month

Business – $89 per user/month

G2: 4.2

Capterra: 4.7



When billed monthly:

Standard – $19 per month, per user

Plus — $29 per month, per user

Premium — $49 per month, per user

There’s a 30-day free trial.

G2: 3.8

Capterra: 4.3



Solo Package – from $15 per month

2-7 users – from $30 per month for 2 staff.

8–20 users – from $200 per month.

Over 20 staff –Packages tailored to suit your business needs.

14-day free trial.

G2: 4.8

Capterra: 4.7



Free basic package for up to five users.

Business – $7 per month, per user (includes additional options)

Professional – $5 per month, per user.

Free 30-day trial.

G2: 4.6

Capterra: 4.5


Timetracker by ebillity

When billed monthly:

Time Tracker – $7.5 per month, per user

Time Tracker+Billing— $12.5 per month, per user

LawBillity— $30 per month, per user

Free 14 days trial

G2: –

Capterra: –


JibbleProducts are free

G2: 4.6




Basic: Free

For 1 location and
unlimited employees

Essentials: $19.95

per month per location

Plus: $49.95 per month per location

All in one: $99.95 per month per location

G2: 4.3

Capterra: 4.6


Lite: $6/ month (5 Billable Clients)

Plus: $10/ month (50 Billable Clients)

Premium: $20/ month (Unlimited Billable Clients)

Select: Custom Pricing (Unlimited Billable Clients and Specialized Features)

G2: 4.5

Capterra: 4.5



When billed monthly:

1-3 users Free

1-40 users $7 user/month

41-200 users $6 user/month

200+ users Fixed Cost for unlimited users

G2: 4.5

Capterra: 4.6



Free $0

Basic $7

Pro $10

Enterprise Custom Pricing

G2: 4.7

Capterra: 4.7



Lite  Free 1 user only

Pro $7 user/month

Premium $10 user/month

Enterprise $20 user/month

G2: 4.6

Capterra: 4.5



Plans start at $6.50 a month

14 Days free trial

G2: 4.2

Capterra: 4.6



Free $0

Pro $7 When billed monthly

G2: –

Capterra: 4.8



Solo $0

Grow $35

Premium $45

Enterprise Custom Pricing

G2: 4.5

Capterra: 4.7


Free $0

Pro Bundle $6

G2: –

Capterra: 4.6

To wrap up

The above-mentioned tools can lend an element of convenience that makes lawyers’ work-life easier. Review the software we covered here to determine the right fit for your law firm. While all of them are fine time trackers, Remoty has the edge that it offers several basic and advanced features for your Slack and Jira teams.

So what are you waiting for? Get your work-life balanced with Remoty!

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