Nikabot Time Tracking in 2022 and its Best Alternative- Remoty

by Hamna Ayaz
Nikabot Time Tracking

Nikabot Time Tracking

Nikabot is a time tracker for Slack and MS Teams that helps to monitor team progress on assigned projects by providing a visual overview, detailed project reports, tasks history, data import/export facility, and more. In response to Nikabot’s question ‘what did you work on today?’, users simply select and save details about each project they have worked on, as well as how much time they spent working on it. Nikabot facilitates users to enter this data automatically via chat, ensuring users never have to switch contexts.

The inspiration to name the tool came from Nika- Nikabot’s project manager who had to take responsibility for tracking the teams’ time on their projects because employees failed to track the time they spent on each project. Even team leads felt overwhelmed with the burdensome task to make sure that every employee filled in the spreadsheet created for time tracking. Nika took the incentive that if people are on Slack all the time, why not take advantage of that and create a Slackbot that could automatically handle extra chores like this.   Plus this way employees also get relieved from the daily struggle of remembering the correct way of logging hours, or the exact name of their projects. And this way, Nikabot came into existence to carry your cognitive load.

But we have a better alternative for you. Remoty takes care of the recurrent/repetitive tasks and saves you energy and time to invest in more yielding business endeavors. The cognitive load of handling lesser important tasks is taken up by Remoty.


Remoty is a lightweight work management system for smart agile teams who want to automate time and attendance management and task/project trackingRemoty is a state-of-the-art SAAS product that makes your Slack Time Tracking experience smooth.  It reinforces employee empowerment and aims to build a culture of responsibility and self-accountability among team members. Its versatility and suitability for a wide range of use cases make it a must-have for remote teams and freelancers. Remoty offers:

  1. Intuitive Slack Interface therefore convenience for Slack users, developers, HRs, and Clients.
  2. Quick adoption for new teams
  3. Collaborative Slack Tools
  4. Third-party integrations(Jira/Asana/ClickUp/Trello) to optimize the entire workflow and minimize context switching 
Attendance, Leaves, Overtime

Admins can track employee time, availability, no. of check-ins/outs, and breaks. Remoty provides complete detail of the overtime given by employees. Track absences, late arrivals, and PTO of members with complete status of availed and available leaves.

Views and Dashboards

 The Task Board View helps you maintain workflow, avoid blockers, and visualize tasks in an organized clear format of to-do, in-progress, and done status tasks. The Slack dashboard gives real-time visibility into the updates regarding progress.

Task Tracking and Management

Each task’s elements include its priority, total time logged, progress, comments, and notifications. You can monitor time for each member’s tasks & analyze their workload capacity to avoid burnout.

Timer and Timesheet

The time is measured on the basis of the task associated with each check-in/switch task. You can associate a task at your check-in with a single click and Remoty will automatically start tracking that task for you. 

Robust Reporting

The timesheet reports give a summary of the average check-in/out time, hours worked, and break duration that helps analyze the overall performance of an employee. The reports can be fetched daily, weekly, or monthly.

Standup Notes

Asynchronous stand-ups let you stay up-to-date with the current work status of employees and communicate achievable goals with your team on daily basis with the flexibility of time and place.


 Slack in-built options for customization are accessible from Remoty. From interface and layout to functions, customize your workspace the way you want i.e. change themes, set notification preferences in settings etc.

Collaboration and Team Building

Be a part of watercooler topics, interest groups, and meetup 1-on-1s. Get assistance on blockers. Collaborate on group projects and communicate in Slack Open/Close channels with full liberty to use features like file sharing, chats, scheduling, etc.

Notifications and Alerts

Stay up-to-date with progress on tasks, keep the track of projects and keep your events organized through the Slack reminder feature. You can set the timing/date for the alerts to get notified according to your availability or requirement.

Track Time To Your Projects Right Within Slack

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Nikabot is suitable for agencies, software houses, SMBs, and startups. It is a project management solution that streamlines the procedure of data entry for the team managers and helps them with reminders. It also helps with resource allocation and drives visibility on who’s working on what. 


Nikabot is an Impossible and venture that has taken the initiative to plant a tree for every 70 check-in replies of your team. Utilizing the UN’s 3 of good health and well-being and SDG 8 of decent work and economic growth, Nikabot is helping you on your journey to becoming carbon-neutral. The information regarding how many trees you’ve planted so far is accessible directly through the Nikabot Report Center.

Salient Features

1. Reporting Time

Nikabot asks your team what they’ve worked on during the day, every day at a standard time i.e. 5 pm.

2. Analytics

Nikabot analyses every record and provides clear and meaningful KPIs to help you with your decision-making. Using the collected data, Nikabot automatically generates analytics and statistics on the performance of your team.

3. Undertime & Overtime

Check if any of your teammates are missing hours or working overtime and notify them promptly for a more complete report. 

4. Paid Time Off/Leaves

You can plan in advance by taking your teammate’s Time Off into account and customizing your leave types.

5. Integrations & Automation

To automate your workflows, you can use Use the Nikabot API and integration services to connect to hundreds of 3rd party apps, or

6. Privacy Protection

Your data is always private and safe with us, compliant with GDPR, and available to export into spreadsheets.

Nikabot Time Tracking in Slack

Nikabot gathers the information from standup questions, tracks time against associated tasks, and generates accurate dashboards and reports so you can bill clients or for smooth employee payroll processing.

Highlights of Nikabot Features:

  • Nikabot makes sure everyone in your team enters their data
  • She asks you when you’re active in Slack so you’re never interrupted from other tasks
  • Nikabot is smart, she learns about you and helps you fill out your timesheets. Automatic reports
  • Nikabot creates reports of your team’s activity by time, project, and person. All the data can be edited and downloaded
  • Nikabot supports automatic reports, allowing users to gain quick and valuable insight into how their team is spending their time. Users can generate team summary reports, as well as detailed reports on individual projects. Accurate data and reports help managers understand the project and team performance and make informed decisions.
  • Nikabot gives teams the flexibility to create new projects and edit what they have worked on themselves. Users can download and export data to use it with billing or project. management software.
  • Desktop Platforms (Web App, Windows) and Mobile Platforms Android

With a little humor and an easy-to-use interface, Nikabot takes care of interacting with each and every team member to collect data essential for time tracking against assigned tasks. 

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