Comparison of Top 5 Slack Attendance Bots Free in 2022

by Hamna Ayaz
Slack Attendance Bots Free

Leading a remote team could be challenging, especially if you have extensive experience in managing in-office teams and are comfortable with that kind of environment. But with the demands of changing times, businesses are adopting new workplace practices. Today various digital solutions are available to cater to the needs of different fields of work.

Collaboration and communication are the basic aspects of almost every workplace. Slack is the ‘one-stop shop’ for all your team communication needs. Because it has minimized context switching and reliance on mailing, it has gained immense popularity and has become a must-have for team collaboration. From attendance tracking to absence marking and PTO calculations, the use cases of this app are incredibly infinite. 

With 3000+ apps in early 2020, Slack’s app directory has numerous Slackbots that automate the less important repetitive tasks and act as virtual assistants to the team leads. From sending reminders to generating reports, these Slackbots are built to save time and make workhours  more efficient.

Today, we are curating the only five Slack Attendance Bots Free for you to checkout!

Slack: Best Collaboration Tool

Slack applications are available for Windows, Apple Mac, and Android mobile devices in addition to Slack website accessibility through the web browser.

Channels, Threads, and Messaging

Slack channels can be dedicated to specific teams, projects, and discussions. You can have anumber of channels in a workspace even in Slack’s free version. The Slack users can create different channels for departments within the organization, such as #accounting, #marketing,  #sales, #operations, #general, etc.

Non- work-related channels can also be created like #food, #movies, or #random.  You can even create micro-niche channels; for instance in marketing, you can have #marketing-seo, #marketing research, #marketing-content, #marketing-growth, and more.

The DM section in the sidebar lets you select any name to send that person a private message. Also, the app lets you view your latest @mentions, @channel messages, and any specific keywords by clicking on Mentions & Reactions option. You can send and respond to any message on Slack with several types of reactions and animations. Slack offers an extensive range of emojis in addition to Giphy integration.

Video Calls

You can instantly start a Slack Huddle (only available for paid teams) in any of the channels or via direct message in addition to sharing your screen with other participants in a huddle.

Notifications and Reminders

When you initially sign in to Slack, default settings push every sort of notification and denote it with a red badge. The bell icon lets you set notification preferences; snooze, ‘do not disturb’ schedule, etc. You can set limits of a few minutes, hours, or even as many as a few days for reminders. Doing this setting enables you to be part of many busy channels within Slack without being distracted by the unnecessary bombardment of notifications. 

You can automate notifications in Slack; for example, you may want to disable notifications outside your regular work schedule.

Document Management

You can drag and drop the item (document file, image, video, link, etc.) to the Slack window, copy and paste images directly into the message box, or click the + button next to the message box and select to upload a file.


In settings, you can adjust your preferences about themes (colors, day/night mode), messages, emoji style, and many other features. You can also view your profile and account access in Slack settings.

Moreover, you can view the saved items (channels, threads, messages, files, snippets, posts, and comments), etc. The search modifiers help you narrow your results regarding searched messages and attachments. When you start typing in a search field, Slack will show you related channels, team members, and search history.

Automations and Integrations

One of the qualities that makes Slack a successful collaboration tool is its extensive range of automation and integrations. You can shop integrations from Slack App Directory as per your needs. These integrations help teams collaborate on documents and files, manage and track projects, share important information with the right audience, and automate various workflows.

Workflow Builder

Workflow builder is Slack automation that can be used to streamline tasks and standardize and centralize all work-related processes. 


Slack’s sync capability with essential applications like Basecamp Asana/ ClickUp / Jira /Trello helps you prevent toggling between numerous apps and aggregate information onto a single platform. 


As mentioned above, Slackbot is Slack’s built-in robot. Slackbot helps keep notes for you, manages private files, sets tasks and reminders, adds tailored automatic responses, and much more. It basically performs repetitive tasks that, otherwise humans would have to do. 

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Comparison Between Slack Attendance Bots Free in 2022

If you were wondering which Slack Attendance tracking alternatives you should try out right away, here is the complete rundown on it! 

1. Remoty

Remoty is a  complete Slack Time Tracking solution built specifically for developers, software engineers, Slack users, and clients. It has an easy-to-use attendance module that has been designed with careful consideration of all important parameters. It is an ideal solution for team leaders of agile teams who want to stay productive and strive to remain always ahead of their 




Attendance Module




Async Standups

See what each member has done previously and what is s/he up to with Standup notes. Also, this feature lets you detect blockers if faced by any member.


Keep the track of availed and non-availed leaves of your workforce. Check the leaves of employees against the standards and policies of your company.


Check the amount of overtime given by employees. And take appropriate measures to ensure work-life balance.







Task Module


Monitor the progress of each employee against the designated task. See complete breakdown of time spent on each task within a particular project.


Start the timer to track time at the onset of the workday and stop it when you are checking out.


Jump to another task in case some important urgent work comes in. Track time against, when completed and submitted you can switch back to your previous task.


The task board view in the dashboard is intuitive and easy to understand.  Slack users get the edge as they don’t have to get accustomed to using Remoty. All the functionalities of Slack are workable for Remoty.


Check the availability of your colleagues if you need help or want to engage in a conversation. This way no one gets disturbed if they are indulged in an important task or are hitting a deadline.





Being a Slack built-in solution, you can access all features provided by Slack in Remoty. 


Remoty offers Trello inspired Kanban board for better status tracking of projects. Moreover, you can import tasks from Jira to track time.


ClickUp Remoty integration is all you need for effective time management and minimize context switching.






Use Remoty to categorize tracked employee’s time as ‘billable’ and non-billable (time spend during break or when away). Ensure smooth payroll processing and payment cheque delivery to team members with Remoty.


Generate invoices for clients and send bill to them in CSV, PDF formats with Remoty. You can utilize this feature for cost estimations. Also, This option is best suitable for outsourcing teams.



Access insightful analytics and statistics with the powerful reporting feature of Remoty. The results can help you in analyzing trends and formulating strategies for future plans of action.



Remoty is compliant with standardized labor laws and company acts/policies. Rest assured your data remains secured with privacy protection and security features of Remoty.


Reach out to us!

Our efficient team members try their level best to make your attendance tracking experience with Remoty worthwhile. But if you come across any kind of blockage, feel free to reach us. Our customer support team is ready to assist you whenever wherever you are! 

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Startups: free

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2. Jibble

Jibble time tracker is used by over hundreds of businesses worldwide including SMEs, construction companies, marketing agencies, law firms, finance & banking, education, healthcare, production companies, and others. The best part of Jibble is that it’s free forever for unlimited users.

Via Slack, you can use the Jibble time tracking bot for attendance, compliance, productivity, payroll processing, and client billing or complete task management. To track attendance with Jibble in Slack, Mobile, Desktop, Kiosk, and the Web app are available.

When conversing with the Jibble bot, you can select the following options to get sorted results for task tracking: –an activity/project, a client, and any notes/tasks.

The Jibble command filters save you from going through the same ordeal of task initiation every time. Suppose you Jibble-in for a specific activity or project/client combination, you can automate the process by associating the command with function, here’s how: the above trigger would Jibble-in the user to the 1st activity in the activity list and 2nd client in the client list with “task name” recorded against the Jibble check-in.

Slack Time Tracking Bot


Free and paid plans are available

Capterra 4.8

G2 4.6

3. AttendanceBot

In Slack, you can use AttendanceBot for the attendance tracking of your employees. Members need to set a message to the bot on Slack when they check in for work and checkout after work hours. The bot automatically records this within its dashboard.

AttendanceBot also records leaves in a systematic manner. The members send a message within the bot on Slack. The bot then requests the member’s team lead for a leave grant. Once approved, the bot enters the leave in the record and sends a notification to the required officials from management to keep them in the loop.

As an admin, you can access the dashboard to see when employees are coming in and out of the office. You can use this to find employees who are tardy or taking more leaves than allowed. You can analyze trends in attendance on a monthly basis through smartly auto- generated reports.

Slack Timesheet


Standard: $5 per user per month

Pro: $7.5 per user per month

Enterprise: $15 per user per month

Capterra 4.5

G2 4.4

4. Calamari

Calamari is a people management solution that helps in PTO tracking and attendance management. The solution offers a mobile app and is used by a substantial number of teams worldwide.

With Calamari, you can either pick an attendance management module or a time-off tracking system according to the requirements of your organization. 

The attendance management system offered by Calamari helps users clock in and clock out using iBeacon technology. This system detects and uses an innovative way to detect time and track attendance. Furthermore, Calamari’s time-off tracking system is equipped with employee leave calendars, easy leave automation, multiple leave types, and various other options.

Slack Time Tracking Bot


Leave Management 2$ /employee /month

Clock-in/out $2.5 /employee /month

Capterra 4.7

G2 4.5

5. Vacation Tracker

Vacation Tracker is another useful app (used by 1500+ teams worldwide) for Attendance Tracking and PTO Management that makes monitoring activities easier for the team heads.

Request, approve, and track your team’s PTO activity efficiently. Using this tool, you can convert a complicated and often lengthy leave tracking process to just a few concise steps, all of which can be done directly in your Slack app. 

You can also access advanced features such as Accruals, Labels, and Scheduled Reports and let the app handle leave-related problems.

You can integrate platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace to handle your PTOs from other channels.


Core: $25 ($250 annual)

Complete: $50 ($500 annual)

Enterprise: Custom offer

Capterra: 4.7

G2:  4.5


Attendance tracking is an essential part of all sorts of businesses these days. Companies that have manual ways of time tracking (registers/spreadsheets etc.) have data prone to error. Meanwhile, other methods of time tracking are either expensive, not scalable, or full of errors. 
Modern businesses that have proper automated systems for check-in/outs. Some of them are mentioned in the article. Remoty is also one of them. It not only provides a lightweight time tracking experience but also automates attendance, PTO tracking, and task management right within Slack!
Try the demo and check it yourself!

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