11 Most Acclaimed Slack Attendance Tracking Applications

by Hamna Ayaz
Slack Attendance Tracking

The process of attendance management involves a set of strategic plans, initiatives, and actions that organizations take to deal with employee absences, leaves, and attendance tracking. A time and attendance tracking app monitors the daily attendance and work-related activities of employees in an organization. The managers use time attendance management to ensure that employees remain consistent in their attendance, and the time that they spend at work is productive. An attendance management program has the following elements:

  • A clear written and well-communicated attendance policy that addresses all rules and regulations employees need to follow regarding their attendance at work.
  • A software tool to track, monitor, record, and report the attendance statistics of employees.

Remoty is a time and attendance management tool that offers advanced and extensive time tracking features for Slack users. Being a Slack built-in solution, Remoty facilitates team collaboration, audio/ video conferencing, goal-oriented meetings, brainstorming, sharing files, and creating shared calendars, notes, and memos.  By integrating  Remoty in Slack, you get a detailed account of time tracking/ person/ project/hour. In this article, we will discuss the most popular Slack Attendance Tracking applications.

Slack is available as a Web app (browser), a Mobile app (Android & iOS), and a Desktop app (Mac, Windows, and Linux).

Benefits of using time attendance software

Following are some of the benefits users enjoy when they use time and attendance tracking software. It:

  • Enhances concentration and dedication to work
  • Help prioritize and manage tasks
  • Improves teams’ s productivity and company’s profitability
  • Fosters transparency and visibility
  • Ensures accountability
  • Prevents burnout
  • Empowers team members
  • Help plan on basis of budget calculations and cost estimations

Features of time attendance software

  • Quick to adapt, easy to use, and intuitive
  • Employee payroll generation
  • Simplified project management
  • Time-tracking per person, per project, and per task.
  • Powerful reporting daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Real-time, fact-based invoicing for clients
  • Data exports of all aggregated time logs into CSV or PDF files
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Manual corrections

Why Use Time Attendance Software?

You should consider trying out attendance management software as they:

  1. Save time and resources.
  2. Minimize paper consumption and physical storage space.
  3. Streamline the payroll system.
  4. Perform accurate analysis.
  5. Decrease employee time theft rate.
  6. Empower remote work.
  7. Ensure adherence to company policies and compliance with labor laws.
  8. Maintain employee attendance records.
  9. Keep track of employee work progress.
  10. ­­Record attendance management for field employees.

Who may use time attendance software?

Time Trackers are ideal for:

  • Freelancers.
  • Remote workers
  • Companies that bill by the hour
  • Companies with hourly and part-time workers
  • NGOs, fund raisers and charities (for budgeting, and cost estimations)
  • HR Managers who want to improve their team’s productivity and time management skills

Types of time attendance software

There are various types of time tracking software designed to cater to the needs of managers/team leads associated with specific industries.

  • Systems with swipe cards (suitable for on-premise employees)
  • Clock in/clock out systems (timeclock devices)
  • Automatic timer (tap a button to track time)
  • Geolocation/geofencing systems (determines employee’s location,  performs a punch-in, and records their mileage)
  • Background tracking systems (capture the time users spend working with specific applications or web browser tabs)
  • Systems with the manual recording (user log their hours against a task or a project themselves manually)

Buying factors to consider time attendance software

  • Tracking options
  • Multi Devise compatibility
  • Integration capabilities
  • Cloud vs. on-premise
  • Powerful and insightful Reporting
  • Flexibility for time and place
  • Affordable pricing

Top 11 Slack Attendance Tracking Applications

 Here are enlisted the Attendance applications that make time tracking in Slack smoother.

1. Remoty

Remoty is a lightweight time & tracking solution for on-premise, distributed, hybrid, and especially remote teams. It reinforces employee empowerment and aims to build a culture of responsibility and self-accountability among team members.

Remoty is a work management system. Its versatility and suitability for a diverse range of use cases make it a must-have for remote teams and freelancers. Remoty offers:

  1. Shared workspace
  2. Quick adoption for new teams
  3. A format with transparency and visibility
  4. Third-party integrations with essential applications like Asana/ ClickUp / Jira /Trello etc.

Remoty For Whom?

With its intuitive and simple-to-use interface, Remoty makes it convenient for Slack users, developers, HRs, and Clients to retrieve time and attendance data.

  • Team Leads

For the team leads, Remoty is a systematic and handy tool. It lets them utilize data for time tracking, and generate working/break time logs. It facilitates stand-ups for team members who work late hours, thus check-in/out, late, and ones that are in different time zones.

  • Human Resource Managers

HR managers get the all-in-one workforce management solution with Remoty. They get to optimize the workflow and productivity right from the Slack dashboard.  complete a task. Data about tracked time is automatically shared there.

  • Developers

Being designed by developers for developers, Remoty helps bridge trust and transparency between agencies and their clients without developers breaking a sweat. It helps organizations who work with international clients with the following solutions:

  • Status inquiry and updates along with work details of a given team member at a particular point in time.
  • A detailed breakdown of all the tasks that were done along with precise time duration.
  • Privacy protection; no screenshots, keystrokes recorded


Remoty is a well-integrated team coordination system with which teams diligently and voluntarily post their availability, efficiently manage tasks within limited time slots, readily get help on blockers from fellow teams, and create an atmosphere that nourishes connectivity, reliability, a sense of inclusion, and makes work a piece of cake. This way Remoty boosts productivity and fosters a culture of visibility and transparency in the workforce.



Asynchronous stand-ups let you stay up-to-date with the current work status of employees and communicate achievable goals with your team on daily basis with the flexibility of time and place.


Remoty provides complete detail of the overtime given by employees. You can also find the amount of time spent on each task in each project to analyze teams’ workload capacity to avoid burnout.

Payroll Processing

The automated reporting records each employee’s check-in/out and categorize it for billable/non-billable hours. The payrolls for the customizable time periods can be downloaded and shared for seamless payroll processing.

Analytics and Statistics

The timesheet reports give a summary of the average check-in/out time, hours worked, and break duration helps analyze the overall performance of an employee. The reports can be fetched daily, weekly, or monthly.


With Remoty’s powerful attendance management module, admins can track employee time, availability, the number of check-ins/outs, and breaks. The time is measured on the basis of the task associated with each check-in/switch task.

Vacation/Leave Tracking

Managers can track absences, late arrivals, and Paid/unpaid Time Offs of members with complete status of availed and available leaves. Admins receive a notification to approve or deny leave requests from employees.

Activity Monitoring

The members can view tasks by completion status, due dates, and assigned members. While assigning, team leads include clear task descriptions, set up due dates, and allocate tasks to individuals or project teams.

Switch Tasks

Remoty enables you to rank projects according to priority and due time. You can simply apply the command and get the project started. After completing the urgent task, you can continue your previous projects from where you left.

Task-centric Recording

The team leads can view who is ahead, behind, or stuck. Letting team members know individual contributions to the tasks and sharing the total time spent on a task, along with the hours worked by each member encourages a healthy competitive atmosphere.

Automatic Timer

You can associate a task at your check-in with a single click and Remoty will automatically start tracking that task for you. Break durations differentiate between billable and non-billable hours.

Billing and Invoicing

Remoty tracks your billable hours against tasks to generate PDF invoices that can be downloaded and shared easily. You can also make cost estimations of tasks on the basis of hours spent.

Views and Dashboards

 The Kanban-like Task Board View will help you maintain workflow, avoid blockers, and visualize tasks in an organized clear format of to-do, in-progress, and done status tasks.

Log Time for Your Attendance Management Tool Right Within Slack

Get started for free. No card required.

2. AttendanceBot

AttendanceBot is a solution for time tracking, office booking, shift planning, attendance, absence, leave scheduling,  and hybrid work. It also enables you to swiftly log time, create approval flows, notify your team, and sync schedules with your Outlook, Google, or Apple calendar. The Attendancebot integration within Slack allows you to enjoy attendance bot time tracking and various of its other features without toggling between apps.

3. Jibble

The Jibble productivity monitoring bot allows you to manage time, attendance, payroll, client billing, etc. within Slack. The users get the facility to clock in at the start and clock out at the end of the day. The data is synced in real-time to Slack. The users can track time spent on a specific task. The timesheets generated by the app can be used for payroll processing, client billing, and gaining insights through powerful reports.

Jibble is a suitable solution for companies of different scales and industries; construction companies, agencies, production, education, healthcare, law firms, services providers, etc, and also support Multi-device access.

4. Calamari

Calamari provides complete HR management tools. With Calamari, get real-attendance tracking and leave management in Slack. Calamari provides access control for different types of users (regular employees/managers/admins). The users can inform their statuses: Attendance (clock-in/out), availability, absence, late arrival, overtime, time-off and vacation ( with types), etc.

Slack Time Tracking

Working timesheets and reports gathered through time tracking are exportable for payroll and invoicing. Moreover, users can set different types of reminders for leaves, birthdays, etc. with the multilevel approval process. Another important feature of Calamari is that companies get configurable PTO policies for the countries in which they operate in.

Calamari offers iBeacon technology linked to mobile devices to track attendance in the office, remote and hybrid work. It provides seamless integrations with Apple and Google apps, Office, Jira, Asana, Basecamp, and public API.

5. Timecamp

TimeCamp is a task management tool that integrates with Slack and enhances the time and task tracking capabilities of your team by minimizing context switching. TimeCamp app synchronizes tasks and items from your Slack account and adds them to projects in TimeCamp which maintain their current structure. This enables you to summarize the time spent on each Slack task in TimeCamp.

Additionally, you can also invite your team members assigned to a task in Slack in order to equip them with an all-in-one self-management tool.

6. Trackingtime

TrackingTime Is a task-based time tracking app that enables you to manage your projects, track working times, measure productivity, and get automatic timesheets in real-time. Through its integration with Slack, you collaborate with your team in Slack, keep up with the progress of your projects and see the work status of your team members.

Slack Timesheet

TrackingTime free plan offers a Slack integration feature. With the app’s timer, you can keep track of your time right within your projects and tasks in Slack. You can start tracking your time right from Slack with the TrackingTime Extension for Chrome and Firefox.

7. Hubstaff

With Hubstaff, you get alerts directly within Slack that inform you when someone starts or stops tracking time. You also get notified when tasks are completed, irrespective of the project management integration you’re using with Hubstaff. As soon as a task is marked complete in Hubstaff, a Slack notification is received by the team. The automatic notifications make it easy to see who is available at any time. This way, the users learn who’s working and what task they’re currently focused on, which can help you decide whether it’s a good time to send a message or if they’re up against a deadline.

8. Everhour

Everhour is time tracking software that helps users with billing, budgeting, expenses, and invoicing also. It has extensive features of visual planning and task management as well. Teams get the option to use a timer or log hours manually later to record activities as they work.  You receive a day/week-wise message with a list of tasks that your employees have worked on and the total time worked and approved PTO requests are visible in a separate block. Everhour integrates with Slack. The Everhour time tracker button appears within Slack and the data generated can be transferred to Everhour for timesheets and reporting.

9.  Harvest

Harvest is a good time tracker for remote teams. It maintains visibility and transparency and tracks what workers are doing with periodic screenshots.

Slack Time Tracking

With Harvest integration you can start a timer from within Slack, making time tracking an easy swift process. Harvest also gives information about your projects and team right in Slack. Use Slack commands to start/stop timers and update project status. You can estimate how much time you’ve tracked to a project and how much budget is remaining and share the report with the rest of the Slack channel.

10. Toggl

Toggl is a productivity tool with features like a Pomodoro timer and idle detection that streamlines time tracking of your work processes without context switching. The time tracker is available for the web app, desktop app, mobile app, or browser extension (Google Chrome and Firefox). Toggl Track’s browser extensions allow you to start the timer directly from online tools like Asana, Todoist, Trello and integrate Outlook, or Google Calendar into Toggl Track’s Calendar. Toggl Track also provides time entry suggestions

Slack Time Tracking

Once you’ve installed the add-on, the App Button will appear at the top right corner of the Slack app. After you’ve signed into the Toggl account, you can start using the Toggl Button to transfer time tracking information from Slack to the Toggl app.

11. RescueTime

RescueTime is an employee working hours tracker and productivity monitoring software. It tracks the amount of time an employee spends on different websites and apps during their work hours. It also enables employers to block distracting websites. RescueTime for Slack lets you instantly see the work status of your team. RescueTime for Slack enables to:

  • Set custom Slack statuses and emojis that are automatically triggered based on the work in progress.
  • Auto-trigger Slack’s ‘Do-Not-Disturb’ mode when you’re focused on your most important work.





Slack Timesheet


Free trial

Startups: free

Teams: $4

Capterra:  4.8

G2: –

Appsumo: 5


Slack Timesheet


Standard: $5 per user per month

Pro: $7.5 per user per month

Enterprise: $15 per user per month

Capterra: 4.4

G2: 4.3



Slack Timesheet



Premium: $2.50 /month/ person

Ultimate: $5 /month/ person

Enterprise: custom pricing

Capterra: 4.8

G2: 4.6




Leave Management 2$ /employee /month

Clock-in/out $2.5 /employee /month

Capterra: 4.7

G2: 4.5



Slack Timesheet


Free: $0

Basic: $7

Pro: $10

Enterprise: custom pricing

Capterra: 4.7

G2: 4.6



Slack Timesheet


Free trial

Free: up to 3 users

Pro: $5 /user /monthly, billed annually.

Capterra: 4.6

G2: 4.2



Slack Timesheet


Free: $0

Starter: $7

Pro: $10

Enterprise: custom

Capterra: 4.6

G2: 4.3


Slack Timesheet


All-in-one: $8.50

/ user / month, starting at 5 users

Capterra: 4.7

G2: 4.7



Slack Time Tracking


Free: 1 seat 2 projects

Pro: $12/seat/ month

Unlimited seats Unlimited projects

Capterra:  4.5

G2: 4.3


Slack Time Tracking


Free $0

Starter $10

Premium $20

Enterprise custom

Capterra: 4.7

G2: 4.6





Plans available

Capterra: 4.6

G2: 4.2

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