14 Apps To Optimize Your Slack Project Tracking Experience

by Hamna Ayaz
Slack Project Tracking

All across the globe, Slack is one of the apps that is widely liked and used by individuals and business communities. The reason for its immense popularity is its simplistic way of performing actions. It enables agile teams to autopilot their agile processes. Slack is a user-friendly intuitive collaboration tool that helps agile teams stay updated with the project status of their workspace. Its highly specialized channels streamline the workflow. Slack offers a wide variety of inbuilt tools and integrations which make it a dynamic all-rounder in the field of project management solutions.  Slack apps are available for Windows, Apple Mac, and Android mobile devices in addition to Slack website accessibility through the web browser. In this article, we will discuss the 14 best applications that help you optimize your Slack Project Tracking Experience.

Get Started with Slack Project Tracking

  1. Create an account
  2. Organize a team
  3. Set up your channels

Perks Of Using Slack As Slack Project Tracking

1. Coordination and Team Building

Channels, Threads and Messaging, Video Conferencing Mentions, and Reactions are some of the features that make slack widely used for team collaboration.

Channels let members communicate, share and collaborate on projects There can be dedicated channels for specific teams, projects, and discussion topics. The number of channels a workspace can have, even in Slack’s free version is unlimited. The users can create different channels for a department within the organization, such as #sales, #accounting, #marketing, #operations, #R&D, etc. General channels can also be created, not related to work activities like #food, #movies, or #random.  You can even make sub-channels in a given category; for instance in marketing, you can have #marketing-seo, #marketing-content, #marketing-growth, and more.

Also,  Slack Huddle ( available for paid teams) is an instant audio conferencing tool accessible on any of the channels or via direct message. You can share your screen with other participants in a huddle and take screenshots if required.

2. Notifications

In Slack, you can set notification preferences; ‘snooze’, ‘do not disturb’ schedule, etc. with time limits of a few minutes, hours, or even as many as a few days. This way you can be part of many busy channels within Slack without being distracted by continuous notifications.

3. Settings

With settings, you can adjust your preferences about themes (colors, day/night mode, format), messages, and emoji style. You can also view your profile, check account access, and browse the Help/Feedback page to get Slack integrations.

4. Filesharing

You can drag and drop the item (document file, image, video, link, etc.) to the Slack window, copy and paste images directly into the message box, or click the + button next to the message box and select to upload a file. The toolbar also has options for sharing links, adding codes, and making lists with basic formatting.

5. Alerts and Reminders

Slack gives choice to automate notifications; for example, you may want to disable notifications outside your regular work schedule, when you are on vacation or away from work. You can use Slack for private reminders for yourself and for others on the team to remind them of important tasks, events, updates, etc.

6. Search capabilities and slash commands

One of the distinct features of Slack that makes it a suitable choice for agile teams is its smooth search capabilities and slack shortcuts.

7. Automations and Integrations (Slackbot, Workflow Builder)

Slack is a successful collaboration tool with an extensive range of automation and integrations. You can choose suitable integrations from Slack App Directory. These integrations help teams collaborate on documents and files, manage and track projects, share important information with the right audience, and automate various workflows.

  • Slack’s sync capability with essential applications like Asana/ ClickUp / Jira /Trello helps you stay in the application and aggregate information onto a single platform. In fact, it facilitates management in various roles.
  • Slackbot helps keep notes for you as well as manages private files sets tasks and reminders for yourself and teammates adds custom automatic responses, and much more. It basically performs repetitive tasks that, otherwise humans would have to do.
  • Slack automation can be used to streamline tasks, standardize and centralize all work-related processes.

8. Notes and Task List Management

In addition to native note manager, Slack offers integrations with various other applications like Todoist.

Quick Tips to Avoid Slack Overwhelm

  • Let people communicate and get along the way they want.
  • Use the keyboard shortcuts and the commands. You can create or format your comments.
  • Create notification by making triggers for specific keywords and get alerts regarding them.
  • Do specify a code of conduct, rules and guidelines but give your team members time to get accustomed to the use of app.

14 Slack Project Tracking Applications

Slack Project Management Applications can help you organize, streamline and optimize the processes of a project in the most efficient and simplified way possible.

1. Remoty

Remoty is a Slack time tracking solution that helps teams foster a productive working environment for in-office teams, distributed, hybrid, and especially remote teams. Remoty is a work management system for agile teams that manages attendance efficiently, generates smart reports, and lets the admins know their team members’ availability with the help of a single command /now. Its versatility and suitability for a diverse range of use cases make it a must-have for startups and freelancers. Remoty offers:

  1. Shared workspace
  2. Quick adoption for new teams
  3. Convenience for Slack users, and clients
  4. A format with transparency and visibility
  5. Third-party integrations
Why Use Remoty?

For the team leads, Remoty simplifies time tracking, and generate working/break time logs. It facilitates stand-ups for teams that report from different geographical locations and hence have different time zones. HR managers get to optimize the workflow and productivity right from the Slack dashboard.

Being designed by developers for developers, Remoty helps bridge trust and transparency between agencies and their clients. It helps organizations who work with international clients with the following solutions:

  • Status inquiry and updates along with work details of a given team member at a particular point in time(daily/weekly/monthly).
  • Member wise detailed breakdown of all the tasks i.e., time spent by each member on each task.
  • Privacy protection; no screenshots, mouse clicks, keystrokes recorded.


Remoty is designed to be a well-integrated team coordination tool. With Remoty, teams diligently and voluntarily post their availability, efficiently manage tasks within limited time slots, readily get help on blockers from fellow teams/supervisors, and create an atmosphere that nourishes connectivity, reliability, and sense of inclusion.


With Remoty’s powerful attendance management module, admins can track employee time, availability, the number of check-ins/outs, and breaks. Following are benefits of Remoty’s attendance management feature.

Overtime Calculation:

Remoty provides complete detail of the overtime work hours of employees. This helps team leads ensure work-life balance so that employees’ well-being doesn’t get compromised. Similarly, team head can see undertime which helps them with estimation of billable time.

Analytics and Statistics:

The Timesheet Management Module generates time summary reports that give an overview of the average check-in/out time, hours worked, and break time for a specific time frame. These reports enable management to analyze the overall performance of an employee.

Payroll Processing:

The automated reporting records each employee’s check-in/out and categorize it for billable/non-billable hours. The payrolls for the customizable time periods can be downloaded and shared for seamless payroll processing.

Team Building:

Encourage your team to connect and build strong bonds with watercooler topics, interest groups, and meetup 1-on-1s. Project members can reach out to colleagues quickly and directly or request assistance in case of blockers. The open Slack Channels lets you collaborate on different projects, and topics and facilitate communication between team members. You can also communicate in Private Channels to share confidential information with selected team members.


Asynchronous stand-ups let you stay up-to-date with the current work status of employees and communicate achievable goals with your team on daily basis and with time flexibility.

Task Management and Task Tracking

With Remoty, you are in charge of tracking the time of individual or group tasks. Each task involves priority, total time logged, progress, comments, and notifications. The admins can monitor time for each member’s tasks & analyze their workload capacity to avoid burnout.

Activity Monitoring and Automatic Timer

The members can view tasks by completion status, due dates, and assigned members. While assigning, team leads include clear task descriptions, set up due dates, and allocate group tasks. The members can associate a task with your check-in with a single click and Remoty will automatically start tracking that task for them.

Team synchronization With Views

The team leads can view who is ahead, behind, or stuck This enables them to know individual contributions to the tasks and share the total time spent on a task, along with the hours worked by each member. The in-slack dashboard allows members to manage tasks, view task details, and generate invoices in just a few clicks without having to leave your Slack workspace.

The Kanban-like Task Board View helps you maintain workflow, avoid blockers, and visualize tasks in an organized clear format of to-do, in-progress, and done status tasks.

Billing and Invoicing

Remoty automatically tracks your billable hours on tasks to generate invoices that are easily sharable with clients. You can also draft cost estimation of tasks on the basis of hours spent.

Hubstaff Slack

        Slack Timesheet

Free trial

Startups: free

Teams: $4

Capterra  4.8

G2 –

Appsumo 5

Efficiently Manage Time For Slack Projects

Get started for free. No card required.

2. Asana

Asana is a task-based project management app that helps startups coordinate work across teams. As being a simple solution, Asana doesn’t include support for certain elements like time tracking or custom client permissions etc. A standout feature of Slack Asana integration is the ability to automate processes by combining Asana Rules with Slack. The triggers in Asana automatically generate Slack messages to channels or teammates. Another notable feature is ability to mark tasks as complete from within Slack — not just send completion messages.

Despite, the app being user-friendly, some users find the Slack Asana sync challenging to very configure.


Basic: $0

Premium: $10.99 per-user, per month billed annually ($ 13.49 billed monthly)

Business: 24.99 per-user, per month billed annually ($ 30.49 billed monthly)

Capterra: 4.5

G2: 4.3

3. Trello

Trello is a project management tool from Atlassian that focuses on lighter workflows; it handles tasks with shorter durations. With Slack integration, you can add new Trello cards to boards without switching over to Trello. You get the ability to change due dates and join cards and boards from within Trello.

Trello has certain limitations around project complexity. Moreover, overreliance on Markdown for formatting is a source of annoyance for some users. The app is referable to businesses with higher-complexity projects. You can send Trello notifications through Slack.


Free: $0

Standard: $5 per user/month if billed annually ($6 billed monthly)

Premium: $10 per user/month if billed annually ($12.50 billed monthly)

Enterprise: $17.5 per user/month – billed annually ($210.00 annual price per user)

Capterra: 4.5

G2: 4.4

4. ClickUp

ClickUp is a project management tool that offers extensive range of features from project management to collaboration to documents management. ClickUp claims that using its app and slack together increases productivity by 30%.  In Slack, the Click Up’s Manage Tasks dropdown menu gives you access to most attributes for most tasks. ClickUp turns task links into valuable action performing entities . Slack ClickUp integration offers various features but both applications are unable to solve the immense notification clutter problem.


Free: $0

Unlimited: $9 per member per month ($5/month yearly)

Business: $19 per member per month ($12/month yearly)

Business Plus: $29per member per month ($19//month yearly)

Enterprise: Custom pricing

Capterra: 4.7

G2: 4.7

5. Wrike

Wrike is an enterprise-grade project management software suite that’s primarily for use among in-office teams. By bringing Wrike into Slack, you facilitate your team to:

  • Convert informal chats into structured work and more easily collaborate on Wrike projects.
  • Create new tasks to quickly get work into Wrike, to be efficiently managed, tracked, and reported on. Use command to open a popup to easily enter task details.
  • Receive notifications as work progresses in Wrike, so your team can stay updated and quickly respond if required.
  • Post task previews into conversations to make it easier to collaborate on projects of Wrike while staying in Slack. To show previews, just add the Wrike app to a workspace.


Free: $0user/month

Professional: $9.80user/month

Business: $24.80user/month

Enterprise: Custom pricing

Capterra: 4.2

G2: 4.2

6. Flow

With Flow and Slack, you can:

  • Link Flow Teams or Projects to Slack channels to see Flow activity updates for task completions, due date changes,  task assignments, task notes,  task section changes,  project timeline changes and much more.
  • Create public or private Flow Tasks in Slack
  • Silence notifications with a Focus Mode timer from Flow or Slack
  • Seamlessly Attach Slack conversations to Flow Tasks
  • Subscribe to Tasks created in Slack to enable updates to Flow’s Catch Up feed



Basic: $8 per user per month($6/month yearly)

Plus: $12 per user per month ($8/month yearly)

Pro: $18 per user per month

($10/month yearly)

Capterra: 4.5

G2: 4.3

7. Workast

Workast is a Slack native project management tool that has an independent web dashboard with calendar, lists and boards. With Workast, teams can create and update projects, tasks, track daily priorities, organize teams, capture to-dos, due dates and assign work right from their channel without leaving Slack. Most of its functionalities can be accessed via Slack.  Workast also offers web and mobile applications.



Essential: $ 0 user/month

Standard:  $4.95 per user, per month billed annually ($8 billed monthly)

Professional: $4.95 per user, per month billed annually billed monthly)

Enterprise: Custom pricing

Capterra: –

G2: 4.2

8. Monday.com

Monday is a Work Operating System that powers teams to run projects with flexibility and platform enables them to manage work, meet deadlines, and build a culture of accountability and inclusion.
With the monday.com integration for Slack, you can create new tasks named as ‘items’ in Monday and leave updates on an existing item – all with Slack.  You can instantly create new items, such as tasks or projects, directly from Slack conversations using the ‘create an item’ button.  Also, you can also add updates to existing items (tasks or projects) directly from Slack.

Monday’s Slack integration is available through a paid subscription from the standard plan and above.


Individual: $0

Basic: $8seat /month

Total $24 / month billed annually

Standard: $10seat /month

Total $30 / month billed annually

Professional: $16seat /month

Total $48 / month billed annually

Enterprise: Custom pricing

Capterra: 4.6

G2: 4.7

9. Standup.ly

You can use this project management solution to automate daily huddle check-ins, retrospectives, feedback reviews, 1-on-1 meetings, backlog grooming, other workflows and planning poker (a gamified technique used by development teams to guess the effort of project management tasks).  With standup.ly you can also:

  • Save repeated questions in Q&A and /ask Standup.ly whenever you need to access it via Slack. Get access to insights on technology, management and marketing questions from highly qualified experts. You can also customize questions using your language to support and improve team culture.
  • A remote team get the option to answer questions via text, voice or video messages.
  • Run multiple reports on a schedule or asynchronously at distributed teams’ time zones.
  • Take advantage from availability of extensive range of integrations



Starter: $0 /month

Team: $2 /month $1.5 /month(yearly)

Business: $4 /month $3 /month (yearly)

Enterprise: Custom pricing

Capterra: 4.5

G2: 4.8

10. Todoist

Todoist offers its project management features in Slack. With Todoist, you can:

  • Using command, you can create a new Todoist task from within Slack. You can include a due date, time, labels, and the project/task name and it will automatically sync with all your other Todoist applixcations.
  • You can convert any Slack message into a Todoist task by simply clicking (or tapping on mobile) the 3-dot menu.
  • After adding a Todoist task with the todoist command, you’ll be able to complete that task from within Slack. On tasks created with the command, you’ll also be able to change the person to whom that task was delegated.


Free: $0

Pro: $3

per month, billed annually ($4 billed monthly)

Business: $5 per user per month, billed annually ($6 billed monthly)

Capterra: 4.6

G2: 4.4

11. Teamwork

Teamwork is a resource planning tool that can:

  • Tranform Slack messages into Teamwork tasks using actions.
  • Get real-time updates in Slack when a task is added /edited in Teamwork.
  • Make a message in Teamwork from conversations in Slack. (You can also add comments to tasks).
  • Build project resources by moving valuable links shared in Slack directly to your links section library in Teamwork

The latest Teamwork version adds many new slash commands, allowing users to do even more from within Slack but integration is not available for free plans of Teamwork.



Free: $0

Deliver: 10 / user / month, billed annually. Minimum 3 users $12.5, billed monthly

Grow: $18 / user / month, billed annually. Minimum 5 users

$22.5, billed monthly

Scale: Custom pricing

Capterra: 4.5

G2: 4.4

12. Evernote

Any guesses for this one? Yes! as the name suggests, Evernote is for ‘notes’. You can jot down immediate points right in Slack and your note will automatically sync in Evernote. You can add comments or tasks to your notes as well. You can turn a Slack channel conversation into meeting notes when you clip all messages, PDFs, and docs to Evernote; select which messages to clip and then search in Evernote for any content you need. Find and Share Notes. Slack lets you search Evernote and bring your notes straight into your chat all with a few clicks.


Free: $0 per user per

Personal: $8 per user per

Professional: $10 per user per

Teams: $15 per user per

Capterra: 4.4

G2: 4.4

13. Project Insight

Project Insights is apt for big teams with messy schedules and tasks. The tool offers time tracking, AI scheduler, Issue tracker, etc. The prime objective of this app is to make interaction with resources similar to what a regular project manager  (e.g. show +ve/-ve emotions, ask for feedback, interact and discuss).

Project Insight

Free: $0

Add-ons: $3

Enterprise: $45/User or volume licensing options

Capterra: 4.4

G2: 3.5

14. Axel Management

Axel is a virtual assistant on Slack for standups, check-ins, and 1 to 1 meetings. This plugin is a suitable solution for managers who want a detailed overview of the employees’ work activities and want to enhance engagement and connectivity with their employees. The HR department can take advantage of the onboarding feature for recruitment and selection processes at their organizations.

Axel Management

Personal:  €0/month

Profession: €3.36/month (yearly: $4/month/user)

Enterprise:  Custom pricing

Capterra: –

G2: –


The above-mentioned solutions help you organize, streamline and optimize the processes of your projects in the most efficient and simplified way possible. Remoty is one of the most lightweight and easy-to-use Slack Project Tracking solutions at your service!

Also, check out Remoty’s integration with Jira!

Let us know what products your agile teams use for project tracking in Slack or for Project Management in general. Eagerly waiting for your comments!






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