Remoty and Slack Standup Alice- 101 Comparison of Features

by Hamna Ayaz
Slack Standup Alice

Async standups make it easier for geographically distributed teams (in different time zones) to share their work updates. As the name suggests, Slack Standup Alice is an online standup tool for Slack, MS Teams,  Cisco Webex, and Google chats. This bot helps you keep track of your team’s daily standup. 

It enables you to send a team standup summary to various Slack channels, including emails, at a specified time. With Standup Alice, team members are automatically reminded to submit their standups. You can establish a well-coordinated system for teams of different but relevant departments e.g. between marketing and development teams. 

The platform facilitates team standup across several time zones, as well as sync and async teams. It further enables you to organize simple, digital, async daily standup meetings to help your team be more productive. With this platform, all the reminders are delivered to you and Alice’s private chat to maintain privacy. Additionally, Standup Alice provides options to submit a standup.

Highlights: Features of Slack Standup Alice

  • Organize daily standup: The bot reminds team members to post their stand-ups and then it collects and saves their standup records.
  • Customize daily standup question set: Make the relevant question set suitable for your project teams.
  • Reporting to team members and management: Stand-up reports can deliver to channels or emails to designated stakeholders.
  • Multiple tasks/multiple teams: Supports employees who work on multiple projects in different teams.
  • Multiple time zones: Reminds and collects stand-up on users’ availability in different time zones.

How Slack Standup Alice works

The tool allows users to set up a standup for their team, collect information, and deliver a summary to the team and other interested colleagues, clients, and partners. Basically, you will direct Alice:

  • Which Slack channel do you want to conduct a daily standup in?
  • Who is invited to the standup?
  • What do you want to discuss with each team member? (customizable  questions)
  • What day and time do you want to start the standup? You can schedule the timing from settings.

Once a standup is created, the app will automatically conduct your team standup.

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Create a standup

  • Navigate “Create a Standup”
  • Click a channel where you want to initiate your standup. 
  • Pick members that will join the standup. You can select all members in the selected channel (and daily auto-update) or invite them one by one.
  • Hit the “Create” button

Your standup is created with default options, including the most common interview questions, and starting at 11:00 every weekday. (Set timing suitable for your project teams)

Modify a standup

Navigate the “Edit” button in standup to modify standup settings. A standup editor of Alice assists you to change options in tabs of the selected standup.


  • Which channel: channels where the summaries are posted.
  • Who is invited? Members in the channel: All members in the channel participate in the standup/selected members only. As members are joined and leftover time, Standup Alice updates member lists daily.


Finalize questions that Alice will interview each member. You can select common questions suggested by the majority of team heads or define your own questions relevant to your team). You can specify questions in the range of minimum 1 and maximum 5.


  • Time zone: select the time zone of your team. Set different time zones for different geographical teams.
  • Schedule days for standup: days that the standup will be held in Slack.
  • Post report on standup: time that Alice sends a standup summary in Slack.
  • Alice reminds each participant: Alice sends the first reminder with a question to ask team members to enter their standup. Usually, it is set to 1 hour before the post time. You can change the default value from the dropdown.

Advanced Options

  • Multi-time zones: If enabled, Alice reminds team members of their own timezones and sends a separate report for each time zone. This option is best for multi-time zone team members.
  • Thread conversation: If enabled, Alice automatically creates a thread for each day and sends a standup summary into the thread. This option is recommended for a team of 5+ members because for big teams the summary is usually long and people need to scroll up and down to read.
  • Async report delivery: If enabled, a summary is sent as soon as a team member completed his/her standup. 
  • Slack @here mention:  @here mention in summary when sending to channels.
  • Report format
    • Group by question (default): summary grouped by questions
    • Group by the user (customize): summary grouped by users
  • Share Report to Emails: standup reports will send to selected emails, useful for non-Slack users and stakeholders who want to read the summaries.
  • Share reports to Channels: standup reports will send to other channels, useful for admins and other associated teams who want real-time updates on work processes.

Delete a standup

Click on “Delete” in standup to modify standup settings. A confirmation dialog will ask you to confirm the deletion. If you decide to delete, conversation and other data from this standup will be also deleted.

Get started with Standups Alice in Slack 

You need to add Standup Alice to your Slack workspace. You can manually add Standup Alice to a space to invite Standup Alice. Once Standup Alice is invited to a Slack workspace, a standup is created with default settings. You may set preferences from settings by following the link that Standup Alice sends you.  In private conversation (direct space), just enter “hi” to initiate conversation.


In a space, Standup Alice supports the following commands:

  • @Standup On: turn on standup on the space.
  • @Standup Pause: pause standup on the space.
  • @Standup Status: query current standup settings.
  • @Standup Help: need help

Remoty- The Best Alternative for Slack Standup Alice

Remoty is a lightweight standup tool that offers various management features for attendance, task, projects, and time tracking for agile teams. It is an ideal solution for developers, software engineers, HR managers, Slack clients, and users. Remoty promotes work flexibility and employee empowerment through its smart tech solutions for work environments for in-office, hybrid, distributive, and especially remote teams. Remoty is the best option for the Slack Time Tracking tool. Here are some of its major functionalities.

Clean and Intuitive Interface

The tool offers a simple easy-to-navigate user experience with access to an extensive range of Slack features.

Attendance Management

Track attendance/absence schedules PTOs, leaves, and vacations of members. 


Standups are best for remote, hybrid, and distributed work arrangements where employees are from different geographical locations hence different time zones. Keep your daily progress meetings short and to the point with this feature of Remoty. 


Team leads and team members can know the availability of their colleagues. This way it gets easier to know who is working on what during a particular time period and realize the best time to approach another colleague.

Time and Timesheet Management

The data relating to tracked time is stored in the form of  meaningful  timesheets that becomes the basis of reporting for future decisions.

Task Tracking and Management

Each task’s elements include its priority, total time logged, progress, comments, and notifications. You can monitor time for each member’s tasks & analyze their workload capacity to avoid burnout for effective project management.

Team Building

Engage in team-building activities,  and interact with teammates through water cooler and 1-1 chats.  Share documents, files, and even emojis with teammates right within threads (channels).


The tool has the capability to sync with an extensive range of various productivity, accounting, and task/project management apps.

Invoicing and Payroll Processing

Outsourcing teams can generate billing invoices through Remoty. Companies can use Remoty for the smooth payroll processing of their employees. 

Mark Async Standups Right Within Slack

Free Plan Is Available

1. Geekbot

Geekbot integrates with your Slack or MS Teams. In Geekbot standups, users can either answer the questions immediately or, if they’re in the middle of a project or meeting, they can customize Geekbot to follow up with them later. The standup teams can now skim the answers and focus only on what’s relevant to them. When they see an update that needs more discussion, they can conveniently start a thread. This lets your software engineers solve blockers together without sidetracking the entire standup.

Answer questions privately.

The questions team heads choose to ask, who you invite, and when you send out the standup ( including what time, what day, and at what frequency). The app’s report dashboard lets you spot important information like:

  1. Participation rate: This tells you the ratio of your team members participating in standups.
  2. Report streaks: This shows the number of consecutive days that teammates have completed their standup.
  3. Rebounding: This lets you know when someone who hasn’t finished a standup in a while starts participating again.
  4. Away: This lets you know who on your team is out of office.
spotlightStart-up: $0 (up to 10 people)
0Standard: $2.5/user/month ($3 monthly)
Premium: Custom Pricing
Free Trial
Capterra: 4.9 
G2: 4.6

2. Jell

Standups by Jell flexibly manage your standups, check-ins, scheduled surveys, and goals to data on what everyone’s working on. It is optimized for Slack teams that work across multiple time zones(in remote or physical work arrangements)
  • Customize questions to fit your team. Or create additional custom check-ins.
  • Browse everyone’s standup directly in Slack, or catch up on what you missed in the archives. 
  • Setup reminders to match your team’s schedule and ensures work flexibility.
  • Get configured notifications when team members publish their standup or complete tasks throughout the day.
  • Mark tasks as complete, or add new tasks to your standup throughout the day with slash commands.

Jell Reviews

Starter: $4

Pro: $8

Enterprise: Custom

Capterra: 4.5

G2: 3.8

3. Standuply

You can use this standup tool to automate daily huddle check-ins, retrospectives, feedback reviews, 1-on-1 meetings, backlog grooming, other workflows, and planning poker (a gamified technique used by development teams to guess the effort of project management tasks).  Also, teams that telecommute can answer questions via text, voice, or video messages. With you can also:

  • Get reports on a schedule or asynchronously at distributed teams’ time zones.
  • You can also customize questions using language and tone your team is comfortable with.
  • Save repeated questions in Q&A and /or ask Standuply whenever you need to access it via Slack.
  • Browse insights on technology, management, marketing, and other business operations-related questions from highly qualified experts.
  • You can avail yourself of Standuply’s numerous options for integration.


Starter: $0 /month

Team: $2 /month $1.5 /month(yearly)

Business: $4 /month $3 /month (yearly)

Enterprise: Custom pricing

Capterra: 4.5

G2: 4.8

4. Status Hero

Status Hero is a customizable and remote-work-friendly daily scrum tool that asks team members to respond to a brief, once-daily check-in: What did you do? What are you planning on doing? Need any help?

  • Status Hero is accessible right from within Slack; nothing to download or install.  
  • Integrate project management applications and developer tools like GitHub, GitLab, Jira, Asana, Trello, and many others to minimize context switching and maximize productivity. 
  • Generate reports tailored for planning sessions, one-on-one meetings, and retrospectives for your agile teams.
  • Configure time zones, reporting frequency, PTOs, scrum questions, vacations, and other settings to suit the needs of your team. 
  • Status Hero is designed for privacy-conscious teams and includes features SSO, RBAC, advanced encryption, custom contracts, and support+service SLAs.

Basic: $3

Pro: $5

Corporate: $7

Capterra: 5

G2: –

5. Troopr

Slack Standup Bot by Troopr app lets teams set up and run periodic team check-ins for daily standups/scrum, sprint retrospective/planning poker, integrations, etc.

  • Activity summaries from tools like Jira, and GitHub are automatically included.
  • Troopr compiles an aggregated report and shares it in your Slack channel. 
  • Troopr comes with robust web reports, insights, and many other features. 
  • In Daily Scrum Check-ins, references to issues from Jira, and GitHub are automatically expanded and linked.

Pro: $49 per month

Premium: $129 per month

Unlimited: $299 per month.

Enterprise: Annual Contract

Capterra: –

G2: –


Remoty is the best alternative for Standup Alice slack. It smoothly manages all the automated functions so that you can concentrate on more important tasks. 

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