10 Worth Trying Timesheet Apps for Construction and Field Teams

by Hamna Ayaz
timesheet apps for construction

Skyscrapers are a fascinating sight. But have they ever made you wonder the amount of time taken in their making… maybe months or even years! In the whole process of construction, time is in real terms ‘money.’ Construction managers face challenges in managing multiple job sites, multiple crews, multiple contractors, and sub-contractors at the same time.

To ease their stressful work life, construction timesheet apps with distinct features are particularly designed. The applications have simplified task tracking and reconciliation of time entries for both offsite, and onsite workers. The admins can scan; daily check-ins and check-outs of workers and filter down to each person’s role, location, availability, and hours.

In this article, let’s review some timesheet apps for construction and field teams.

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What Is a Timesheet App for Construction?

The idea of timesheeting originated after the industrial revolution when the labor force started to record their work hours, which were maintained by clerks or timekeepers. A construction timesheet tracks the time of construction workers- how much time is spent on each project, job site, and how many hours the crew is throwing into the project.

A construction timesheet verifies accurate pay calculations of cost estimates; it helps reduce overhead costs by tracking the resources allocated to a project. The software can be either manual or digitized.  It involves consulting, accounting, complying with local or federal permits/laws, and controlling how work is performed. The applications improve employee productivity and work visibility and thus shorten admin hours.

The companies that use online time tracking software are harnessing the benefits of digitalization.  If you’ve been using a manual time-tracking system, then shifting to a digital solution can be daunting. This guide will come in handy to help you make the transition to time tracking software smoothly.

Why use Timesheet Apps for Construction?

To keep up with today’s growing construction companies, digitalization and employee enablement can be your first step to shifting to technology. Deloitte’s 2021, Midyear Outlook for engineering and construction Industry states that “digital technologies such as building information management (BIM) can help increase visibility, improve workflow, and streamline scheduling”. Hence the companies “should accelerate their digital transformation to accommodate many of the workplace changes brought on by pandemic.”

Benefits of Using Timesheet Apps for Construction

Some of the benefits of using construction site attendance applications are as follows:

  • Attendance, leave, absence, and work hour management.
  • Extensions and integration with powerful apps of productivity, project management, accounting, etc.
  • Time and task tracking.
  • Payroll and invoice generation.
  • Remote/on-field management of employees.
  • Real-time analytics and reports.
  • User-friendly inbuilt tools.
  • Affordable pricing plans.

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Features to Look for in a Construction Time-tracking Solution:

It is good to set preferences while looking for time attendance software. A tool that satisfies the demands of your particular field can make your work life easier. Some of the features which can help you assess the suitability of the software for your team are as follows:

·       Cloud-Based Time Tracking

Cloud-based time tracking systems always keep you up-to-date with important information and relevant events coming up.

·       Mobile-friendly Time Tracking

The multiple device support is very helpful in the time tracking of on-site construction field employees.

·       Simple Interface

The chosen application should have an interface that makes sense to you. Try a few different products and see which kind of interface you feel comfortable using. The organized and intuitive interface makes handling work much easier.

·       Different Time Tracking Options

It can be useful to have a range of options for tracking time. For example, more flexibility with duration, start-stop, and timer, etc, and streamlining the process of time record for all your different employees, departments, and types of jobs.

·       Job Scheduling Functionality

Job scheduling features are useful in the construction industry. You can assign a certain amount of hours to each job, and receive notifications when that time is nearly used up. You can keep on track of which employee is working on which task, so you can track how many hours a job is taking compared to the estimate.

·       Project Management System

The timesheets software with project management features lets you see details about the time taken and a breakdown of costs and hours, which helps you budget accordingly. This data is useful in predicting the employees’ bandwidth for future construction projects.

·       Integrations with other tools

An integration-enabled tool lets you transport data from one application to the other. You can effortlessly scale your management tools to fit the changing needs of your business; whether you need a robust all-in-one project management system or a simple time-tracking solution will suffice.


Remoty tracks time for your Slack Teams. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS-based) solution is designed to digitalize the work processes and allow you to spend less time on administrative tasks and concentrate on priorities. Another plus point is that it minimizes time, cost, and effort-consuming paperwork. 

Remoty helps foster a culture of a productive work environment with a strong sense of accountability and teamwork in the workforce for people who work remotely, in-house, independently, or in teams.

Remoty is a pro attendance tracking software that has a user-friendly interface that let you manage your workflow super easily. It manages task management, payroll, invoicing, and employee performance monitoring. Users can apply for leaves and holidays, view their work progress, stay up to date with upcoming events, and have their personal information in one place. With Remoty, you can create a progress chart and visuals to see all the teams and departments, including the chain of the work distribution process. And of course, the software also helps to safeguard the organization’s crucial and sensitive data by granting access to selective users.

Learn more about how it works here and sign up for a free trial.

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10 Best Timesheet Apps for Construction

But choosing the time clock app that best fits your specific construction business needs can be hard. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a comprehensive post comparing seven different time clock apps’ features and online reviews

1.    Hubstaff

About the App

Hubstaff was initially founded as a two-person team in Indiana, United States- in the year 2012 and currently has over 80 remote employees. Globally renowned companies like MDorms, Keller Williams, and ENC construction are part of the 34,000+ users family of Hubstaff.

Significant Features

Hubstaff is a Workforce Management platform that offers time tracking and database timesheets along with a remote talent finder and project management software.

Mobile Compatability

Primary features include time tracking, absence management, online reporting, and employee productivity monitoring. Your construction team can easily download the Hubstaff application on their mobile devices to clock in and out at any job site. Once downloaded, Hubstaff runs in the background so you and your employees can focus on the job free-minded.

Integrations and Location Access

The field service management includes plugins and add-ons for Slack, ClickUp, Asana, Trello, Quickbooks, JIRA, etc.  Under field services, you get GPS location tracking and geofencing to create job sites.

Other features include quicker invoicing and billing,  automatic time cards, worksite budgeting,  employee shift management, reporting,  online and mobile timesheets, project budgeting,

2.    Quickbooks Time (Tsheets)

About the App

TSheets (now QuickBooks Time) is a well-known solution for time tracking, project tracking, and labor estimates. Tsheets was founded by Matt Rissell in 2006, It’s now a part of the Intuit family since 2018. Tsheets’ customer list includes ‘Enable consulting’ and ‘to the Point Bookkeeping.’

Significant Features

The mobile-friendly app offers workforce visibility and compliance with labor standards. Tsheets increase visibility over payroll, expense entries, and profits. The app offers features of messaging, reporting, and integrations with Human Resource applications.

Time Tracking and Scheduling

Under timesheets, you can try time cards, time clocks, GPS time trackers, project tracking, approvals, and alerts. Under schedule, you get the job and shift scheduling options.


The alerts include overtime hours, which help you improve your budgeting and job costing. There’s an interesting feature of a time clock kiosk with facial recognition to alert you when a worker clock-in from a defined location.

3.    Connecteam

About the App

Connecteam’s construction time tracking app is an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly solution that lets you efficiently and effortlessly manage your organization from anywhere with one tool.

Significant Features

The team members can mark attendance with a one-touch clock in and out, request Paid Time Off (PTO), vacations, and more. Absences and late arrivals are detectable easily. Admins can see the real-time availability of workers, generate auto-reminders, and export timesheets & payroll via multiple options.

Communication and Scheduling

The employee-centric time clock offers task management, training,  scheduling, and communication options to employees. The targeted communication allows you to reach every crew member, flexible schedules are for easy planning and distribution.

GPS and Geofencing

GPS location and real-time timestamp are tagged when clocking in and out. Geofence capabilities per location let you view location stamps on a map. With Foreman Kiosk station you can clock an entire team in and out.

4.    ExacTime

About the App

Exaktime time clock app is Arcoro’s product. The headquarters of the company is based in California, USA. The cloud-based software company has 7500+ customers all over the world, which include Latite Roofing, Southwest construction services, and sunenergy1.

Significant Features

The tool offers Photo ID capture, easy clock-in or cost codes, instant reporting and payroll sync, compliance with digital forms, hours, and timesheeting features.

Rugged Time Clocks

The rugged time clocks are wireless and weatherproof. They record and send employee work hours and activities to the cloud. The time clock app also contains screening, GPS tracking, compliance sign-off, scheduling, employee identity verification, and crew and Jobsite tracking.

Facial Detection

The mobile punch-in clock lets you track each worker’s clock-in and clock-out sessions. It uses biometric facial detection to ensure workers on-site aren’t marking proxy for their colleagues. With Exaktime compatibility on the web and on mobile devices, you can manage your workforce, save on unplanned and increased overtime, secure your wireless device and cloud information.

5.    Clockshark

About the App

ClockShark is a mobile time tracking software that is built specifically for construction and field services companies. It reconciles time and billing entries. Hence is helpful in job costing for labor estimates. It means it helps you know where your money is being spent and helps you identify areas that need improvement.

Significant Features

The system-generated time records ensure error-free invoicing for the clients.

Accurate Payroll

With ClockShark, your employees simply pick a task and clock in. This way scheduling can be done with ease.  You can easily check when workers are approaching overtime. On a web dashboard, the admin can easily read those jobs and tasks on a smooth electronic timesheet, and make edits as needed.

Time & Money Leaks

You’ll be able to cut down on money lost to timesheet rounding and focus your time and efforts on attention requiring business processes.

Flexible Reports

You can use the timesheet data to run many different types of reports including job summary/details, task summaries,  payment, PTO, etc.

Pricing and Rating

Here’s a quick analysis of pricing plans and application ratings by some of the renowned software reviewing platforms.


Starts at $7/month/user

Pro plan: $10/month/user

Custom Plan for Enterprises

Free plan for one user. Free 14-day trial.



QuickBooks Time (Tsheets)

Elite: $40/month + $10/month/user

Premium: $20/month + $10/month/user

Free 30-day trial



Basic starts at $47/month for up to 50 users.

Advanced: $95/month

Expert: $191/month

Custom Plan for Enterprises

A free-for-life plan. Free 14-day trial



$8/month per user+$30/mo base fee (w/ annual billing)


Basic: $ 3/mo per user +15/mo base fee.

Standard: $ 6/mo per user +25/mo base fee.

Pro: $ 8/mo per user +45/mo base fee.

Free 14-day trial

Buddy Punch

Up to 4 Users

Time & Attendance: $30 /month

Time & Attendance + Scheduling: $40 /month

Enterprise: $50 /month


Free forever with optional upgrades (extra features)


Busy busy

Pro: $9.99 per user, per month, billed annually $11.99 billed monthly

Free plan; unlimited users

TimeKeeper£3 or USD $4 per employee per month



Basic, Pro, Performance, Enterprise plans available. Contact Sales4.74.74.7

6.    BuddyPunch

About the App

BuddyPunch is an intuitive and easy-to-use time tracking software developed by a team based in Wisconsin, United States.

Significant Features

Buddy Punch time tracking app is suitable for construction employees and on-field workers. The mobile application offers a number of functions including integrations, reports, project tracking, accruals, PTO


You can create multiple geofences; by assigning job codes to each of these geofences, you can easily keep track of when and which job site your workers are punching in from. When enabled, GPS Tracking automatically records all of your workers’ punch times and locations. The optional Webcam Photo feature lets your crew takes a photo of themselves at the job site to be able to punch in and out of work. You can access the automatically-generated photos collection from the dashboard.


You can schedule your workers’ recurrent shifts for a day or week. This way you can manage employee availability. Through your dashboard, you can share these schedules with your team through both email and phone notifications. Buddy Punch also allows your employees to check their schedules at any time from their mobile app (iPhone/iOS or Android), tablet, or desktop.

7.    Clockify

About the App

Clockify is a free construction project management software with timesheeting capabilities. It was launched in 2017 to make time tracking accessible to all. Clockify has an impressive consumer base of 2 million, including corporate giants like IBM and American Express.

Significant Features

The features include team activity, bulk edit, project tracked versus estimated time, project hourly rates, and custom fields. The team activity option sees everyone else’s timers at work.


You can categorize your projects by task type and allocate multiple levels of hourly rates. You can also set a budget or time estimate and the app lets you be notified when you get close to the set limit with its alerts feature. You can issue invoices based on tracked time and hourly rates or you can import them from other apps. You can download the PDF of the invoice for your clients. You can also apply discounts according to your company policy.

Calendar View

One of Clockify’s classy features is the Calendar view, which generates an overview of your day to help you understand your work patterns. you can go back and re-enter time that you spent on work that you forgot to clock in. It works on Windows, Mac, mobile, and web versions.

8.    busy busy

About the App

Busy Busy is a cloud-based solution specifically designed for construction work management. It is available on any mobile, browser, or other device. It helps you save time, increases profitability, and eliminates time-tracking hassle.

Significant Features

One of the best job site time clock apps for tracking your mobile workforce – built by construction companies for construction companies. The supervisors for smaller crews can even clock the entire crew in or out at once with Busy Busy.


GPS clock in and out, digital time card signature, advanced reports, time tracking for projects, sub-projects, job codes, equipment, location, and time-based reminders-all are a click away.

GPS Function

This GPS-based time data can be used to better calculate job site costs, save on expensive overhead and help employees to leverage their productivity for career promotion.

9.    TimeKeeper

About the App

Timekeeper is a construction attendance and timesheet app that helps team leaders and members reconcile timesheets along with the data regarding on-site work hours, attendance, absences and Paid Time Off. The company is based in Belfast, Ireland.

Significant Features

TimeKeeper’s significant features include GPS tracking and facial recognition clocking to prevent buddy-logging.

Multi-device Compatibility

The TimeKeeper Kiosk which is Android and iOS compatible serves as a portal timeclock for people associated with the field of construction. It lets multiple workers on one site login through a single device that can be centered at an easily accessed place. Workers can mark attendance and the worktime starts to get recorded. The mobile version tracks location by GPS for individual workers, providing an experience of enhanced transparency.

Self-assessment and Telecommuting

Getting updates of who is where and working hours are spent helps you ensure that work is progressing as planned. Timekeeper’s feature that makes it stand out is that workers can take pictures, add notes and signatures to a job for real-time approval and sign-offs. It also has a remote hub to record attendance and time for distributed or hybrid workers.

10. Raken

About the App

Raken is a construction project management software with timesheeting capabilities. It is a US-based company established in 2014. The client base of the company has broadened from 1000 to 4000+ in just five years. Contractors use Raken’s field management solution to supervise the fieldwork from the comfort of their office/home or some remote work location.

Significant Features

Raken simplifies tracking hours digitally and streamlines payroll management.  Raken features include overtime management, budgeting of time to cost codes, real-time project progress with daily reporting.

Raken Timecards Module

Raken Timecards module allows you to bulk upload your crews, delegate hours and schedule the team for work in one go. Plus, it’s simple and quick to add members from the app or edit hours for an individual team member to predict labor costs.


In Raken the documentation is more structured and well organized, giving the required access to managers and field crew. The teams can record material quantities and equipment usage by hours and days to track costs across the respective projects. They can create a margin for rolled-over hours and export timesheets and data reports before payroll is processed to ensure time entered is by labor and expenses.

What is the Best Timesheet App?

Of the above-mentioned apps, Raken and Clockshark, busy busy, and ExakTime are specifically built for construction engineering and field services.

Remoty is relatively new but a powerful time tracking and task management software worth trying out.

Check out Remoty to learn about its features!

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