15 Top Attendance Apps for Employees in 2022

by Hamna Ayaz
Top Attendance Apps for Employees

In the modern business world, employee enablement and work flexibility are key to organizational success. According to NTT Global, the top five goals of digital workspace strategies are: to grow revenue (40%), gain a competitive advantage (40%), improve business processes (40%), accelerate decision-making (37%), and improve employee productivity (33%).

Remoty is a Time and attendance management system built on slack that streamlines the work processes of managers by taking care of time and task tracking records, invoices for clients, and payrolls for employees and helps managers reach their utmost potential through better time management. 

In this article, we will discuss 15 Top Attendance Apps for Employees. So let’s see what are the benefits of attendance management.

Why Use Attendance Management System?

Traditional methods of employee work management were unable to address the problems faced by team managers. They were effort, resources, and time-consuming. Here are enlisted some perks of using the attendance management system.

  • Increase Work Efficiency:

Irregular attendance, non-informed leaves, and frequent absenteeism cause companies delays in project completion. Work quality declines, teamwork suffers, and productivity diminishes due to a low attendance rate.

  • Avoid Immoral Practices:

The practices such as proxy attendance and buddy punching are challenging issues for the management.

  • Real-Time Reporting: 

Inefficacy to process information in real-time, delays in receiving reports, and performing analysis is a major challenge that employers face, especially when they rely on a traditional attendance management system.

  • Enhance Employee Accountability: 

It is difficult for team managers to track the real-time data of the work progress of every employee. With the help of time attendance management software, most of these difficulties come to an end. With accurate data, comprehensive reports, and precise attendance percentage in hand, the management can hold the defaulters responsible with proper documentation.   Without proper attendance management, organizations cannot meet a standard protocol to hold employees accountable for poor work management, unjustified liberties with time, irregular attendance rates.

  • Human Errors: 

The use of Excel spreadsheets, pen, and paper attendance sheets, and punching cards has the risk of human errors. Detecting errors manually leads to further wastage of time.

  • Following Labor Laws and Meeting Compliance 

Business managers find it challenging to record accurate attendance for meeting regulatory needs and labor standards. Inaccurate and error-prone attendance recording can lead to lawsuits. Attendance management systems are specially designed to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

How Can You Track Time and Attendance?

One of the best ways to track your time is a time tracking software for your PC. It helps you to automate and optimize your work. It may be part of project management, productivity, and time management software, or a stand-alone solution.

  • Standalone Systems:

Standalone options include biometric devices, registers, spreadsheets, etc. You have to put in the effort to enter data.

  1. Manual Registers

Manual registers are an orthodox way of data entry. They are liable to register theft and the input of misinformation. Also, there may be any sort of disagreement between the person handling the register and employees over the input entries. Problems might arise if employees mistakenly enter their attendance in another employee’s place. Contrary to it, attendance software comes with a unique ID and password, which minimizes such errors.

  1. Excel Sheets

Manually updating employees’ attendance databases in excel spreadsheets is a time-consuming task. The spreadsheets are a less attractive option because of their inability to fully integrate with other HRMS tools. Excel Sheets are filled by people, hence, are prone to human errors. Also, you cannot automate spreadsheets to record, compile, and verify the attendance data.

But if you have a small business and need a simple solution to record the daily hours of your team, or prefer a traditional attendance sheet over an automatic tracker, then templates may be enough for you.

The attendance sheet has a simple table format where employees can mark work hours and task details and other information so managers can easily view the team’s work progress.

Here are the best templates you can try out:

  • MS Excel employee attendance tracker template from Microsoft Templates.
  • Different attendance Smartsheet templates (for a meeting, training, timesheets, employee vacation, etc)
  • Google sheets printable free employee attendance tracker templates.
  1. Biometric and Other Devices

Sometimes employees forget to punch in/out, swipe their ID cards, or register their biometric recognition to record clock-in/out, but with an attendance management system you this won’t be a problem. The moment an employee logs into the system, the attendance management software automatically records attendance. You can also integrate the software with the biometrics system.

  • Time and Attendance Recording Software

A time and attendance monitoring software record the time and attendance of an employee, consultant, freelancer, or any other individual associated with a company. It is a system of powerful tools for tracking employee attendance, leaves, working hours, vacations, and more. Many software tools support payroll integration and are suitable for all small, medium, and large-scale organizations.

Benefits of Automated Time Attendance Software:

  • User-friendly inbuilt tools.
  • Attendance, leave, absence, and work hour management.
  • Extensions and integration with powerful apps of productivity, project management, accounting, etc.
  • Time and task tracking.
  • Payroll and invoice generation.
  • Remote/on-field management of employees.
  • Real-time analytics and reports.
  • Affordable pricing plans.

Attendance Apps for Employees

Workflow management sometimes gets really challenging task especially when you are leading remote teams.  Here’s a list of some of the top attendance apps for employees you can try right away.

1. Remoty

Remoty is the best time clock app that fosters a culture of a hybrid working environment with a sense of accountability and teamwork in the workforce. It is a task-based time-tracking app for slack. It takes care of all your HR tasks effectively. Whether your employees work remotely, in-house, independently, or in teams, Remoty is suitable for people of all working styles and industries. It is a pro-time tracking and reporting software that is simple to use. Its user-friendly interface lets you manage your workflow super easily.

Ideal customers of Remoty

1. Managers/CEOs of companies who pay their employees per hour
2. Services company who offer services by the hour
3. Tech managers who need to track the time of their development team
4. Freelancers who take projects on per hour rates

Task Management

You can distribute tasks across your team and prioritize tasks according to each shift. Employees can then complete tasks, upload files, and communicate with others assigned to the same task. You can see the details and view the status and progress of the task, including the amount of time spent on the task. You can also manage your tasks either from the manage tasks section of Remoty’s dashboard or from the home tab of your slack’s workspace.

Time Tracking

While using simple commands the team members can clock in and out against each assigned task, which will be logged by Remoty to calculate the total time spent by each member on each task. You can track the time of individual projects and tasks with Remoty. In this way, you get an idea of the status of your projects, estimate the time required for similar projects in the future, and bill your clients accurately for the work done.


Remoty makes communication within your slack teams more efficient. You can directly coordinate with your team members from multiple locations or specific positions. You can keep your team informed with the upcoming projects, ask for their feedback, and build a better company culture.

Daily Standups

Daily stand-up meetings lead to more productive teams. Your team can benefit from short, focused meetings that help keep you align on projects, overcome obstacles, and meet goals. The Remoty‘s daily meeting fosters a collaborative, healthy environment for better decision-making and problem-solving.

Attendance Management and Time Sheets

You can track your team’s attendance pattern, absences, leaves, overtime, etc, and generate timesheets of their work activities.

Generate Billable Hours and Export Payrolls

To generate invoices for any task, you just have to fill in the required fields that can be done within minutes and a pdf invoice is generated. You can download the invoice’s pdf and share it with your clients.

To get the total billable working hours of your team or any specific team member, all you need to do is access Remoty’s in-Slack dashboard to export the timesheets and the payrolls of your team.

Detailed Reports

Remoty allows you to gain insights to improve your team’s productivity with its accurate and actionable timesheet reporting. This way you can craft budgets and know a project’s true cost and pay your team based on hours worked.

Features Launching in a Few Weeks

1. Leave Management Module
2. Overtime Management Module

Features in RoadMap

1. Jira, Asana, Trello, ClickUp Integrations
2. Web-Based Dashboard
3. Desktop App (Mac)
4. MS Teams Integration

Affordable Pricing

Remoty affordable pricing plans make it the most suitable choice for freelancers, small teams, and startups. As compared to other time tracking and task management applications, Remoty is simple, user-friendly, and lightweight.  It offers incredible features in just two basic plans; one for teams and the other for self-employed people.

From assigning tasks to generating and exporting payrolls, Remoty has your slack teams covered. In addition, Remoty 2.0 launch is going to introduce as well as enhance the features you already use.

Stay tuned with the Remoty for further updates!



Slack Timesheet

Free Demo

Freelancers – $0 per active user

Teams – $4 per active user

Capterra  4.8

App Sumo 5

Log Time for Your Attendance Management Tool Right Within Slack

Schedule Demo. Free Freelancers Plan is available

2. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a web-based timesheet software. Hubstaff gives a detailed breakdown of employees’ worked hours by different categories i.e, by client, date, and project. The application offers the feature of attendance management along with a detailed account of late clock-ins, early clock-outs, and missed shifts.  The app has the feature of automated reminders, when enabled, it ensures your team doesn’t forget to track their time and send alerts to stop tracking or reassign time with the idle time detection feature.

Hubstaff helps you track project hours, budgets, and billable hours. It syncs with over 30 productivity and team management apps.  It also has GPS and Geofencing capabilities.


Free – 1 user only

Starter– $7 /user/month 

Premium –$10 /user/month 

Enterprise – $20 /user/month 

Capterra 4.6

G2 4.5

3. Harvest

Harvest is a time and billing app that lets you have an insight into profit margins across different projects. The finance integrations of Harvest make budgeting and billing easier. Harvest also has its separate employee scheduling app called Harvest Forecast.

The software’s invoicing feature lets you generate invoices automatically from your tracked time and expenses. You can also see when your clients review them and the paid invoices show automatically so your records are always up to date. The app helps you streamline your communications with its option of automatic reminders setup and thank-you notes.


30-day free trial

Free – 1 user with 2 projects

Paid – $12/user/month with unlimited users and projects

Capterra 4.5

G2 4.5

4. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is an employee productivity tracker. It lets you track your or your team’s time spent on each task and project. You can also see the time duration spent on different websites and applications. With TimeCamp’s billing feature, you can mark your tracked time as either billable or non-billable and speed up your invoicing as well as resource management.

TimeCamp also works for attendance reporting. It also has a solution to eliminating the need to manually going through timesheets of team members. You just have to command the software and it will do that for you.


Free 14-day trial

Free – ($ 0)

Basic – ($ 7 user/month)

Pro – ($ 10 user/month)

Enterprise – (custom pricing)

Capterra 4.7

G2 4.5

5. TimeDoctor

TimeDoctor is a free vacation time tracking app. TimeDoctor syncs with 60+ management, accounting, and communications software.

The app enhances employee accountability by URL and app tracking that allows you to see what websites, programs, and applications your employees use. Through internet usage monitoring, you can see how your employees spend their work hours, as well as each person’s average productivity. Also, you can activate the screenshots feature to monitor remote employees.



Free 14-day trial

Basic – $7 user / month

Standard – $10 user / month

Premium – $20 user / month



6. Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard is a time tracking and reporting software that gives you the ability to control where, when and what device your employees can use to clock in. Managers can edit clock-ins/outs and round the figures to the nearest minute. Managers can also opt to receive notifications when unscheduled clock-ins or clock-outs are attempted.

The clear interface gives managers the ability to create daily, weekly or monthly schedules for employees. Employees can request shift changes, switch their shifts with colleagues, and view their current work schedule through their dashboard.

Time Clock Wizard has extensive reporting capabilities on topics of payroll, schedule, timesheet, employee contact, and PTO.




Free 14-day trial.

Free – with unlimited users

Value – (19.95/month) with unlimited users.

Pro – starts at (34.95/month) and is up to 50 users.

Enterprise – ($129.95) with unlimited users.



7. Zoho People

Zoho People is a cloud-based Human Resource Management System with tools for your HR staff and employees to stay efficient, up-to-date, and productive. It helps you streamline both your data collection and secure storage with the software’s employee database management system. You can register your organization on Zoho People and maintain all your employee records in one central location.

Zoho People’s Learning Management System is best for your team’s training programs.  It lets you create courses, then track employee progress, and helps your team master new skills. The software has the feature of team collaboration that lets your employees track their activities and their teamwork. In addition, the system lets the employees raise queries so you can sort and resolve the issues in time.  Zoho People integrates with Zoho Sign, Docu Sign, and Adobe Sign for the pile of documents that need to be signed and filed.



Free 30-day trial.

Essential HR – $1.5/user/month

Professional – $2.5/user/month

Premium – $3.5/user/month

Enterprise – $5/user/month

People Plus – $10/user/month





8. Calamari

Calamari is an employee vacation time tracker software. Basically, it’s an HRMS that administers everything related to your employees’ sick leaves, absences, late arrivals, paid time off, etc. Calamari gives you integration with Google apps.

The most useful Calamari features include team calendars, email notifications on daily/weekly absences,  automatic leave calculation, absence pool estimation, compliance with attendance policies, and configuration for multi-country organizations, etc.


Free Trial

2 Modules

Pricing is relative to the number of users





9. Connecteam

Connecteam is a time clock app with advanced GPS geofence capabilities. You simply have to set up worksites and link them with a job, a customer, or a project. Once set up, staff utilize the time clock only in pre-defined locations. The software has applications in more than 90 industries including construction, healthcare, F&B, cleaning, field service, retail, and many more.

Connecteam also generates notifications reminders and summary reports. The notifications remind your team to clock in/ out, along with daily limit alerts for employees who work overtime.




Free 14-day trial

Free – up to 50 users

Basic – $47 /month

Advanced – $95 /month

Expert – $191 /month

Enterprise – custom pricing





10. QuickBooks Time 

QuickBooks Time, formerly known as TSheets,  is a user-friendly time clock app suitable for small businesses. Its key features include time tracking, real-time reporting, alerts/approvals, scheduling, payroll integrations, GPS, and geofencing.


30-day free trial

Premium– $10/month

Elite – $20/month

Capterra 4.7

G2 4.5

11. Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is a PTO tracking software. It easily tracks your team’s time-off requests with an app built-in calendar that allows them to book or request time off. The app support both paid and unpaid time off.

Buddy Punch also enhances your team’s work accountability by saving your employees’ work locations with GPS, IP lock, and geofencing options This specifies the areas from where employees are required to punch in/out. If outside a geofence, employees will not be able to clock in/out. The software also takes webcam images on each punch and notifies you via email or mobile alerts.





14-days free trial

Custom pricing with the number of users (for 1-4 users)

Time & Attendance – $29.99/month

Time & Attendance + Scheduling – $39.99/month

Enterprise – $49.99/month

Capterra  4.8
G2  4.9

12. Sling

Sling is a scheduling app that allows you to plan your team shift more effectively and faster than spreadsheets. You get a daily, weekly, and monthly overview of shifts. It helps you avoid overstaffing and understaffing and track your shift workers’ productivity with ease.

Sling helps you in labor cost optimization. You can easily set weekly labor budgets for your specific locations, preferred hours, and overtime thresholds for your employees. You can add wages, and monitor how much each shift is costing you. It will help you in getting insights about your labor spent per period.

Sling also supports employee Paid Time Off management.  You can set time off options by leave types that your business supports, and approve incoming requests based on the remaining allowances.



Premium – $2 per user per month

Business –  $4 per user per month





13. DeskTime

DeskTime is a free absence and vacation tracking application. You can coordinate time off with the employee absence calendar. It allows the team members to plan their schedules and let others know when they’ll be on vacation. This eliminates chances of employee absence problems and helps you plan everyone’s workload. DeskTime doesn’t have the option of manual timesheets. It has an automatic time tracker.

The software offers an offline time tracking feature that collects accurate data about the time spent away from the work computer. You have to catagarize the reasons for absence and put them down as productive, unproductive, or neutral. In this way, you’ll have a more precise overview of your team’s workload, time management, and productivity.

The app also lets you get an overview of invoices sent to clients along with their payment status. It also sends them automated reminders when an invoice is overdue.




Lite – Free with basic features

Pro – $5.94/per user/month

Premium –$7.75/per user/month

Enterprise –$11.88/per user/month

Capterra 4.4

G2 4.6 

14. Kronos

The Kronos suite of tools combines the capabilities of workforce management and human resource management (HRM) in one unified cloud platform to help managers organize their entire workforce(salaried, hourly, full-time, part-time, hybrid, distributed, or remote) from selection to retirement stage. With Kronos, users can work smarter with integrated HR, payroll, talent, real-time updates, and reports for better-informed future business decisions.




Rates vary depending on business size and team size

Capterra 4.1

G2 4.0

15. Harpoon

Harpoon is an ideal tool to administer budgets and track employee attendance. Team heads can then plan workflow, allocate resources, and monitor progress indicators. Also, leads can customize internal cost rates and track their team members’ weekly hours capacity.The app’s functionality is based on four elements:

  • setting a financial goal
  • planning out how much revenue your business needs to bring in each month so you can schedule your projects accordingly,
  • choose a billing strategy,
  • track expenses.





Agency $99/20 users/month

Studio $39 /8 users/month

Freelancer $19/2 users/month

Starter $9/1 user/month






All the above apps are among the best solutions for Mobile(iOS and Android), Windows, and Mac users. So whether you’re looking for a new solution, or discovering something fitting to your preferences, we hope this article would have helped you.

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