List of 6 Top Free Attendance Software

by Naveed Ahmed

Adaptation to change is the rule to survive and grow in the business world. The current pace of development in the modern world has made businesses and people overcome the psychological barriers of working in conventional office environments. The pandemic has further fueled the need for this adaptation and the concept of Work from Home has gained momentum. People now prefer flexible work conditions like operating from remote locations, having a productive 4 days’ workweek, or without the work limitation of 9-5 office hours. The research of CMSWire shows 95% of organizations agree that Digital Workplace and Employee Experience are critical to business success. 44% of workplaces, now have some form of digital workplace program in place.

To ensure that this system of work arrangement remains productive and reaches the desired results it is crucial to have a suitable employee management system in place. Several tools like biometric devices, computer spreadsheets, or manual registers used for this task are often tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone. Today, the software is available that has made this task super easy for you. All you need is a well-defined approach, basic software know-how, and the availability of technology.

Remoty is an Online Slack Time Tracking tool that offers advanced and extensive time tracking features in super affordable pricing plans. 

So what is attendance management? How do the time and attendance reporting software works? And what is free attendance software in 2021? Let’s find out!

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What is Attendance Management?

The process of attendance management involves a set of strategic plans, initiatives, and actions that organizations take to deal with employee absences, leaves, and attendance tracking. The goal of time attendance management is that employees remain consistent in their attendance, and the time that they spend at work is productive. An attendance management program has the following elements:

  • A clear written and implemented attendance policy that addresses all rules and regulations employees need to follow regarding their attendance at work.
  • A software tool to track, monitor, record, and report the attendance statistics of employees.
  • The availability of inbuilt features complementing the attendance management system.

Compensation system to reward employees who are regular to work and actively complete work assignments. For instance, providing an incentive to encash non-availed leaves, will refrain employees from taking avoidable leaves.

Challenges Faced by Managers

Management face numerous challenges in dealing with the attendance management of employees. Using attendance software has proved to be a far better choice than traditional methods of time and attendance recording. Some of the challenges managers face using manual ways of attendance reporting are as follows:

  • The risk of human errors cannot be ruled out.
  • The proxy attendance and buddy punching etc. create problems in records.
  • It becomes difficult to analyze real-time data because of delayed reports.
  • The maintenance of accurate attendance records to meet the company’s compliance policy and labor standards is hard.
  • The accountability of employees for poor work management, unjustified liberties with time, irregular attendance rate is a laborious task.
  • The productivity suffers due to improper documentation of employee absence, irregular attendance, non-informed leaves, etc.

See how Remoty has made the work-life of team leads easier!

Attendance Tracking Software

A time and attendance tracking software monitors the daily attendance of employees of an organization. It is a system of powerful tools for tracking employee attendance, leaves, working hours, vacations, and more. Many software tools support payroll integration and are suitable for all small, medium, and large-scale organizations.

Check out Remoty for incredible features of employee time attendance management software.

Why Use Free Time Attendance Software?

You should consider trying out attendance management software as they:

  1. Save time and resources.
  2. Minimize paper consumption and physical storage space.
  3. Streamline the payroll system.
  4. Perform accurate analysis.
  5. Decrease employee time theft rate.
  6. Empower remote work.
  7. Ensure adherence to company policies and compliance with labor laws.
  8. Maintain employee attendance records.
  9. Keep track of employee work progress.
  10. ­­Record attendance management for field employees.

Salient Features of Free attendance software

Various software offers various functionalities. Some of them are as follows:

  • Simple, Secure, Accurate:

The attendance tracking software is super easy to use. It just requires log in, activity selection, and time entry.

You can secure the attendance location with an IP address lock and geo-fencing. It seals the attendance data from any attempts of edit.

Moreover, the attendance data generated by the software is valid. The chances of errors are almost none.

  • Attendance Marking:

Employees can mark attendance via various modes.  They can clock in, perform the activity and eventually clock out. They can register work breaks, time outs, etc. Team heads can record specific clock-in / clock-out data of employees. They can define holidays and include multiple breaks for a given day.

  • Attendance Policies:

Many software has the feature which allows you to customize attendance policies you consider suitable for your team. The policies are then configured with the attendance system for implementation.

  • Leave Management:

To manage employees’ leave requests, you can set the option to managerial permission or automatic approval. You can also record the type of leave an employee takes.

  • Absence Management:

Managers can easily detect absentees by seeing the dashboard. The dashboard shows which members are absent from work without any notice of leave.

  • Calendar:

You can check attendance via the shared calendar by making integration with google calendar, outlook, etc. The digital calendars the errors of date and time are reduced to a great extent.

  • Reminders and Events:

You can set reminders, alerts, and notifications of important things. Your team members receive instant updates. This feature is very helpful when you have important events coming up at work.

  • Biometric Integration:

The attendance recording software offers integration with your biometric devices and then generates the attendance data.

  • Time Tracking:

Every team member clocks in at the start of the day and clocks out at the end of the dayIf the start time is 9 AM and a given member clocks in late at 9:15 AM then 15 minutes automatically get recorded as under-time Team admin gets email notifications for employees that come late. You can also calculate overtime with the help of software.

Remoty’s time waste detection service can assist you to improve your team’s efficiency. Learn More Here!

  • Remote Work Attendance:

The admin can see the status of each member from the dashboard.

  • Real-Time Reporting:

The automated calculation of billable hours and pay sheets is one of the best features you can look for in employee attendance reporting software.

You can view weekly/monthly/yearly hours that each member should have worked versus how much they worked. You can easily analyze the attendance trends of members through detailed reports generated by the software.

  • Unlimited Users

Most software does not restrict team leaders on the number of members they chose to have.

  • Large Customer Base

Most software is suitable for any type of class, any size of the organization, or any kind of gathering such as religious groups.

  • Lock Data

Team heads can prevent members from changing historic data by securing work logs.

  • Export Data

Attendance data can be downloaded in formats such as Excel, PDF, CSV. You can also integrate timesheets with third-party payroll, attendance, and ERP software.

  • Task Tracking

Activities are defined, tasks are set, and an overview of the total working time is obtained along with the time records of the team members.

Task tracking was never this easy! Check out Remoty!

  • Team Activities

Team leads can see attendance data at-a-glance on the dashboards. This helps to monitor the real-time performance and progress of employees.

  • Compliance Tracking

The rule-based policies ensure labor laws compliance. In case of violations of these policies, people receive warning notifications. The software also maintains a complete record of work time data for any audit by local regulatory agencies.

  • Payroll Integration

The software records the data regarding overtime, leaves, late arrival, and shortfall in working hours and shares it with an automated payroll system.

Manage payroll and generate invoices in a lighter, simpler way with Remoty.

  • Multiple Login Options

Members can mark attendance via a biometric device, computer login, mobile apps, swipe cards or by facial recognition, etc. Many software supports Android and iOS to track attendance using a personal device.

  • Shift Management

Many software gives liberty to record the attendance of employees working for multiple shifts and from different locations.

  • Multi-language Support

Some of the employee attendance management software supports the option to choose your desired language from multiple languages.

  • Employ Self-Service Portal

Employees can raise leave/late arrival requests and see their attendance records.

  • Mobile Compatibility

Many attendance tracking software can be accessed via their mobile applications.

  • Customize

The software gives the option to customize the days, time, and attendance categories.

  • Additional Features

Some software companies go the extra mile and ask for suggestions. Checking feasibility they add features requested by consumers.

List of 6 Free attendance software

Here are some time and attendance recording software that you can try for free.

1. Remoty

Remoty is a free time attendance software designed to track the time and attendance of your team members in the simplest possible way. You just have to add the people to your team and the software application takes care of the rest.

Simplify Attendance Tracking with Remoty

  • Step 1 Create a Remoty account.
  • Step 2 Invite your team members.
  • Step 3 Assign tasks.
  • Step 4 Members enter hours in the timesheet.
  • Step 5 See the work activities of members.
  • Step 6 Check employee hours in reports.
  • Step 7 Export reports when needed.

Features offered by Remoty

  • Task Management

Whether your employees work remotely, with the team, or independently,  You can instantly create and assign tasks to them.  Remoty’s built-in Task Management System ensures that they stay on track and accomplish their goals.

The members can take the tasks, upload files, and communicate with others assigned the same task. The team admin can set a timer for task completion and view the task’s status and progress from the dashboard.

Time waste detection service makes the team members accountable for their time mismanagement. To learn more check out Remoty

  • Time Tracking

You can enter hours manually or use a timer for time tracking. Remoty also lets you bill the workable hours of your team members.

  • Monitor Team Activities

You can see where you spend the most time or how much your team members have accomplished.

The Now Command feature of Remoty keeps you informed of the work progress of your team.

  • Daily Standups

Daily stand-up meetings lead to more productive teams. Your team can benefit from short, focused meetings that help keep you align on projects, overcome obstacles, and meet goals. The daily meeting fosters a collaborative, healthy environment for better decision-making and problem-solving.

  • Time Sheets

You can select activities to work on and enter time. The system generates timesheets.

  • Generate Billable Hours Export Payrolls

You can make an invoice of the team’s billable hours and export payrolls.

  • Customer Support

Good customer service fosters a healthy relationship between companies and their customers.  Therefore, our customer support team is always ready to assist you with queries about the installation, working, or features of our software.

  • Detailed Reports

See who worked on what, review your team’s productivity, and export the data generated by the system. The breakdowns let you overview the data by day, activity, and user.

You can export and download the reports in PDF, CSV, or Excel to share them with clients via link.

  • Integrations

Software integrations link up a group of related applications to facilitate you in your business activities. Gartner defines it as the action of enabling independently designed applications to work together. Commonly desired abilities of application integration include:

  1. Storing copies of the same data between different applications.
  2. Accessing the functions of different software from a single interface.
  3. Combining the flow of activities between distinct systems.

The IT team at Remoty is working on the development of our desktop and web app. As of now, you have to be a Slack user to use Remoty. Soon you will be able to import tasks from your favorite tools and make seamless interactions with other project management tools like Click-Up, Jira, Trello, and Asana, etc

Pricing and Rating:

Remoty’s affordable pricing policy makes it a must-try. It is a suitable choice for freelancers, small teams, and startups. As compared to other time tracking and task management applications, Remoty is simple, user-friendly, and lightweight.  It offers incredible features in just two basic plans; one for teams ($4 per active user)  and the other for freelancers (absolutely free!)You can also schedule a free demo.

From assigning tasks to generating and exporting payrolls, Remoty has your slack teams covered. In addition, Remoty 2.0 launch is going to introduce as well as enhance the features you already use. Stay tuned with the Remoty for further updates!



Slack Timesheet





Free Attendance Management Tool for Slack Teams

Advanced features available for Teams Plan

2. Clockify

Clockify is a free employee tracking app with extensive reporting capabilities. It features a very clear and organized interface with a dashboard view and highly customizable reports that you can export to multiple formats.

Key Features

  • Calendar

You can visually track time and log activities. You can edit the work hour schedule. The clockify calendar gives the option to connect with Outlook/Google and add events.

  • Projects

You can categorize your projects by task type and allocate multiple levels of hourly rates. You can also set a budget or time estimate and the app lets you be notified when you get close to the set limit with its alerts feature.

  • Team Invoicing

You can issue invoices based on tracked time and hourly rates or you can import them from other apps. You can download the PDF of the invoice for your clients. You can also apply discounts according to your company policy.

  • Time off

You can customize your time-off policies, manage team member’s leave approvals, and define employee holidays for paid leaves.

  • Integrations

Clockify offers integrations with 50+ web apps so you can track time from anywhere on the web with a single click. You just have to add the browser extension, login, and a timer button will automatically appear inside other apps. Clockify offers various project management and productivity integrations like JIRA, Asana Trello, QuickBooks, Microsoft Teams, Google Apps, and many others.

Pricing and Rating:

Free and for unlimited users.








Time Clock Wizard is a free online employee attendance tracking solution. It provides employee scheduling, time tracking, task management, and payroll reporting.

Key Features

  • Multiple Devices Login

Time Clock Wizard supports multiple devices login options. It’s a web-based and mobile-friendly app.

  • Dashboard

The clear interface gives managers the ability to create daily, weekly or monthly schedules for employees. Employees can request shift changes and even switch their shifts with colleagues, right through their dashboard! Other features include the ability to use Paid Time off benefits, request vacation time, view their current work schedule and so much more.

  • Reporting

Time Clock Wizard offers a vast range of exportable reports on payroll, schedule, timesheet, employee contact, PTO.

Pricing and Rating:

All plans have a free 14-day trial.  You can register for a free account with unlimited users. The value account is for ($ 19.95/month) with unlimited users. The pro account starts at ($ 34.95/month) and is up to 50 users. The enterprise account is for $129.95 with unlimited users.




Clockit is an online attendance software. The time clock apps of clockit allow you to track employees’ clock in clock out, Check-in/out, and route. The app also allows you to capture the route completion status for each employee.

Key Features

  • Photo Capture

ClockIt time clock (iOS and Android apps) supports photo capture at the time of punching to eliminate buddy punch.

  • Geofencing

The geofence feature punches and check-in locations so that users can only punch from predefined locations within a certain radius.

  • Assign Routes

You can assign planned routes to employees. You can also plan assignments in real-time when field employees are free.

Pricing and Rating:

All plans come with a Free 14-day trial. Clockit categorizes paid plans into extra-small: $29 (up to 10 users per month), small: $49 (up to 20 users per month), medium: $99 (up to 50 users per month), large: $199 (up to 100 users per month)r







TimeCamp is a free time and attendance software with many useful features. The Windows app lets you track the time you spent on the computer. It records all websites, applications, and activities you spend time on and gathers all the information in comprehensive reports with all your tracked hours.

Key Features:

  • Categories:

TimeCamp scans the domain names of your apps and groups them into pre-defined categories so you can work without interruptions.

  • Track of Billables:

With TimeCamp’s billing feature, you can mark your tracked time as either billable or non-billable and speed up your invoicing as well as resource management.

  • Management Feature:

TimeCamp works for attendance reporting. It also has a single-click solution to eliminate the need to manually go through timesheets of team members. You just have to command the software and it will do that for you.

Pricing and Rating:

You can start with a free 14-day trial.  You can register for a Free account ($ 0). The basic account is for ($ 7 user/month) and the pro account is for ($ 10 user/month). You can contact them to learn the pricing of enterprise accounts.







OfficTimer is time tracking and project management software. From time, attendance, and leaves to expense tracking and billing, the officeTimer has various modules to cater to the needs of various kinds of teams.

Key Features

  • Attendance and PTO

You can track live attendance using your smartphone or web app, along with geo-tagging. If enabled,  you will receive instant alerts about employee check-ins and check-outs. Also, the app lets you set multiple leave types and leave policies.

  • Timesheets

You can mark the tracked time and expenses as billable or non-billable. Also, the app allows you to configure your timesheet as per your requirements.

  • Cost Estimations

You can compare budgeted vs. actual hours and the cost of the projects. With officerTimer, you are in charge; track the costing and revenue employee-wise, role-wise or task-wise. This way the app enables you to effectively plan and track your projects. 

Pricing and Rating

The app is quite affordable for startups and small businesses. A premium plan for attendance ($1) is offered in addition to the free plan. Purchase of all modules combined will cost you $4 /month/user. The rates are 20% higher in monthly billing.







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