Your Competitors Have an Unfair Advantage

by Ruhma Syed
Your Competitors Have an Unfair Advantage

Organization and management is the necessary foundation for business success.

When business is disorganized, you skip important details needed at the work. Not only this, your time is spent inefficiently and your profits begin to slide. So what decides that your business is disorganized and mismanaged?  What is hindering your success at the work?

Chances are, you are managing your clients the same old manual way:

  • Creating invoices on Word
  • Calendars for due date reminders
  • Excel for payroll
  • Using messages to manage tasks

You are not alone. Many agencies and small businesses are still following the old way of managing business Don’t take me wrong, I’m not saying it is a bad way of managing. But there is a better way. Faster, Easier and Efficient way to manage.

This modern way of managing business saves time. Gets more clients than ever. Makes the work easier and faster. – It lets you focus on your business than on managing it.

Businesses using it are making 15% more revenue.

Do you see what I mean? Businesses with better management systems have an unfair advantage over their competitors.

When you are hopping between software they are closing deals with clients. They are signing up for a recurring payment.  All the invoices are generated instantly. They are not editing the word document to make an invoice.

These businesses never miss out a deadline. Want to know how? They don’t make remainders for every deadline. Instead, they have a system that shows the whole timeline. So they can easily create a workflow and assign staff for the jobs.

Below are a few ways you can manage your business efficiently and can win this unfair advantage over your competitors:

Go Paperless

If you want to be organized, things need to be clear and consistent. Try going entirely paperless. Forget manual storage of your work.  Know the steps necessary for your daily work list them out and create a workflow. That way you will not only be more managed at work, but will also not forget important tasks.

Automate Everything  

Most of your work that you do every day is repetitive. Automate those tasks so you don’t have to go through the daily grind of remembering it all.  Remoty is an app that makes it easy for you to automate most of your work so you can fully focus on the work instead of having to worry about forgetting it.

Condense and De-clutter Everything

Organization is about a lot more than minimizing visible clutter; it’s also about having procedures and tools in place so that your business runs as effectively as possible.

Organization is best achieved when the systems and tools you have in place are simple. Organize your work with apps and systems that are built to make your work life a lot less messy.

Manage Invoices and Expenses

Managing your payments and expenses is what keeps your business afloat. However, it can be difficult to keep track of each and everything that comes in or goes out of your workplace. Use apps like Remoty that help you store all the details of the invoices and their management.

Managing payroll for your employees is simpler with an app like Remoty. It allows you to manage payroll, taking into account the expenses and helps you manage invoices easily.

Streamline Project Collaboration

As a small business, you are constantly managing a lot of projects at once, from within your team of employees to your clients who they work for. For that it is essential that you have a well collaborated dealing of the projects. Streamline you project collaborations using apps and systems to keep everyone that is involved in the loop.

One of these project manager apps is Remoty. It allows you to create tasks, notes and lists etc. which all of your team members can collaborate on.

Automate your Meetings

As a business owner, you certainly have a lot of meetings, whether with employees, customers and partners. A lot of your meetings are virtual ones with many people even outside your time zone. Remoty is an app that helps you simplify scheduling these type of meetings irrespective of the time zone.

Organize Your Time

At the end of the end, organization is really just another way of saying that you want to master your time.  Without an adequate management of your time, you can’t really be work-organized.

So do you want that unfair advantage over other businesses? We understand the pain you go through.

That’s why we created Remoty, a lightweight Slack plugin that simplifies your business management.

You don’t need any special software to manage your business you can do it right from Slack.

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Organize Work With Accurate Time Tracking Right Within Slack

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