Meet the Founders

We are a team of three passionate entrepreneurs who came together to bring order to the chaos in this remote working paradigm. Our aim is to streamline the team processes by encouraging asynchronous work mode for the remote teams
Mahad Ahmad
Chief Executive Officer
Fatimah Zafar
Chief Operating Officer
Owais Basit
Chief Technical Officer

Our Mission

We exist to help the teams who work in remote or hybrid modes to streamline their team processes with the help of our Attendance management & the PTO management modules

Our Vision

We believe that remote work isn’t just about working from home or working onsite, it's about Freedom —> The freedom to choose any job anywhere in the world and working whenever you feel like working.

The Problem

While the first part of enabling remote work i.e working from home has already been taken care of as there are countless remote opportunities for people living in all parts of the world.

However, when it comes to work hours, majority companies end up fixing shift hours according to one timezone so that everyone is available to collaborate.

This synchronous form of remote work is one of the biggest
challenge that remote workers face today & are still looking for ways in which everyone can work hours which suit them while not compromising on team productivity and togetherness.

Our Take On The Problem!

After doing intense research & conducting various surveys, we established that “Asynchronous work is the future of remote work” as its the most scalable way to build remote teams.

We identified two major issues which make it difficult for remote teams to go async.

🔆 Team Availabilities: With no fixed hours there can be chaos, you don’t know when to expect anyone, for all you know someone could be on leave and you keep waiting for them to respond.

🗯️ Work Updates: Most meetings are normally sync-ups & progress updates calls. If teams were to go async, how can everyone stay updated on the progress team has made.

In order to solve these two major identified problems, our team at Remoty is committed to make & deliver solutions that not only minimizes context switching & tool overdose but also increase the work visibility for the team managers or team leads of the distributed remote teams

Onwards & Upwards

We know it might take us a bit longer to reach our eventual goal of bringing complete oder to the chaos in this remote working paradigm but we are fully committed and determined  to deliver what we have promised. We try our level best to serve our customers and help them grow because their growth is our growth

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