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Best Online Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Attendance

Employee clock-in which works regardless of where they are working from

Accurate Timesheets

Run payrolls 4x faster with accurate
working hours data.

Check-in Questionaires

Have your team answer daily check-in questionnaires to stay on top of their
agendas and motivation

Project Billing

Track project-based working hours for
hourly workers to generate accurate project
bills and invoices.
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Remoty software

Leaves & PTO Tracking

Request or approve PTOs in Slack or MS Teams and skip the never-ending email threads

Leave details dashboard of Remoty

No Reconciliation

Break free from end of month leave reconciliation
for your payroll.


Automate daily Out-Of-Office announcements in your team channels & groups.

Custom Types & Quotas

Set up custom leave types, define quotas,
and keep track of annual leaves by leave tracker.

Team culture & Work Visibility

Build a culture of visibility to break down organizational silos

Strong virtual presence

Know who’s available and working on
what, without having to ask.

360 Degree Visibility

Track project-based working hours for hourly workers to generate accurate project bills and invoices.

Productivity Insights

Gain unique insights on team performance through smart correlation of data.
Best Online Employee Monitoring Software


Pay only for what you need

Leaves Module


Leave Requests & Approvals
Leave Quotas & Balances
Custom Leave Types
Leave Notifications
Regional Holidays (soon)

Attendance Module


Tracking worktime & breaks
Check-in Questionaires
Project Billing
Manual Corrections
3rd Party Integrations

Our happy clients say about us

Thousands have made the switch. Discover the Best Paid Time Off Tracker

Remoty has helped our company effectively transition to the new normal of working from home through their effortless attendance and task management system. I've used tools like toogl and none compare to the intuitive and automatic tracking of so many things simultaneously that Remoty does.

Arhum Ishtiaq

CTO ConnectHear

I purchased remoty with time/resource planning in agency and had hard time with adoption. I've been looking for a more lightweight solution while trying to do more with Slack. Remoty was easy for me and my team members to pick up in minutes - there was no need for me to spend time on training.

Maddy Osman

CEO Blogsmith

Thank you Remoty for supplying such a great tool. Easy to use timekeeping tool, which allows you to see at a glance your labor costs. The Reporting function is amazing too. I would recommend Remoty to anyone looking to streamline and monitor their hourly costs, fantastic bit of kit.

James Delin

MD James Creative


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Remoty
Is Remoty really free to try? 
Absolutely! You can sign up for Remoty and explore all its features for a full 14 days without needing to provide any credit card details. This allows you to thoroughly assess the software's capabilities.
What does Remoty's attendance tracking software do? 
Remoty's Attendance Tracker Software is designed to monitor and track employees' attendance withing the existing team communication tools like Slack or MS Teams. It provides accurate timesheets, reports and insights, making attendance tracking straightforward and efficient. In short, Remoty also called as best online employee monitoring software.
How can employees mark their attendance??
Employees can easily clock-in and clock-out within Slack or MS Teams. They can also clock-in or clock-out using Remoty's web dashboard.
Who can I contact for issues or features??
Remoty is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up. For guidance, visit our help center which offers detailed step-by-step instructions. If you require further assistance, feel free to book a live demo with our team or contact us directly at
What integration options are available with Remoty??
We offer two levels of integrations. The first is with team communication tools such as Slack, MS Teams, and Lark. The second level integrates with project management tools like Jira and ClickUp.

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