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Approval Flows

Employees can request leave right from their team
communication tools like MS Teams, Slack which
prompts the managers along with necessary information
like total entitlement and remaining balance for
the selected leave type


Absence Announcements

You can now stop wondering why your employee hasn’t turned up that day or are they late, absent or an approved leave. At the start of shift, Remoty automatically sends a team wide notification with all the people who are on leave that day.

Custom Types and Quotas

You can setup custom leave types & quotas for your each
team to ensure you are complying with local labor
laws right from the web app of Remoty

Leave Tracker

Regional Holidays (coming soon)

Most of our customers have diverse teams spread out in different countries. If your workforce is spread out around
the globe, our tool is quite beneficial as you can create distinct time-off policies and absence categories
for each location.

Our happy clients say about us

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Remoty has helped our company effectively transition to the new normal of working from home through their effortless attendance and task management system. I've used tools like toogl and none compare to the intuitive and automatic tracking of so many things simultaneously that Remoty does.

Arhum Ishtiaq

CTO ConnectHear

I purchased remoty with time/resource planning in agency and had hard time with adoption. I've been looking for a more lightweight solution while trying to do more with Slack. Remoty was easy for me and my team members to pick up in minutes - there was no need for me to spend time on training.

Maddy Osman

CEO Blogsmith

Thank you Remoty for supplying such a great tool. Easy to use timekeeping tool, which allows you to see at a glance your labor costs. The Reporting function is amazing too. I would recommend Remoty to anyone looking to streamline and monitor their hourly costs, fantastic bit of kit.

James Delin

MD James Creative


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Remoty Leave Tracker
What are the benefits of using Remoty Leave Tracker?
Remoty Leave Tracker simplifies leave management by automating requests and approvals, offering both managers and employees a transparent view of leave balances. Integrated within team communication tools like Slack and MS Teams, it not only ensures seamless operations but also delivers prompt absence notifications and valuable insights via its reporting features.
How does the absence announcement feature work in Remoty?
When an employee's leave is approved by the manager, Remoty ensures that a notification is sent out to the entire channel on the day of the absence. This allows team members to be informed in advance, helping them plan their tasks and ensuring they don't wait or rely on the absent individual for any collaborative work.
Are there any predefined leave types in Remoty or do I have to set them all up manually?
Remoty comes with some predefined leave types. However, it also offers the flexibility for every team to customize leave types and quotas to align with their company rules. This adaptability ensures that organizations can tailor the system to meet their unique requirements.
How does Remoty cater to teams located in different countries?
Remoty is specifically designed for global distributed teams. It seamlessly accommodates teams spread across various time zones, ensuring that attendance and leave tracking are synchronized and accurate regardless of where team members are located.

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