Working Hours

Managing team attendance is simple with Remoty.
Your team members will use simple shortcuts
to clock in and out. You can also track break
times along with managing basic attendance

Reports Exports

You can view, download, and export
timesheets as CSV files using Remoty.
This will save time and money on your
side as you will get the digital data
ready for payroll calculation.

Updating Timesheets

Your employees can change their time entries with a few
clicks. All updates to an employee's timesheet are reported
to the manager, who can subsequently accept or reject them.
Remoty records every update made to a timesheet so
you can keep track of it.


Remoty alerts you about late comers,
unannounced absences, leaves and other
abuses. All these abuses are recorded in
timesheet. Simply open up our web app
to view the timesheets.

Project Billing with Remoty

Remoty is here to facilitate your team performance optimization and will aid in boosting project profitability by making it simple to comprehend how your employees' working hours are spent.

Integrate with
Project Management Tools

Import tasks and projects from your
favorite project management tool &
log time onto these tasks directly from
Slack or MS Teams

Real Time Team Status in Dashboard

Remoty’s web app gives you a perfect bird’s eye view of your team statuses.