Leave Management by Remoty

Approval Flows

Employees can request leave right from their team
communication tools like MS Teams, Slack which
prompts the managers along with necessary information
like total entitlement and remaining balance for
the selected leave type

Absence Announcements

You can now stop wondering why your
employee hasn’t turned up that day or
are they late, absent or an approved leave.
At the start of shift, Remoty
automatically sends a team wide
notification with all the people who
are on leave that day.

Custom Types & Quotas

You can setup custom leave types & quotas for your each
team to ensure you are complying with local labor
laws right from the web app of Remoty

Regional Holidays (coming soon)

Most of our customers have diverse teams spread out in different countries. If your workforce is spread out around
the globe, our tool is quite beneficial as you can create distinct time-off policies and absence categories
for each location.

Bring order to the chaos of managing distributed teams within minutes

Try the best remote attendance management tool, today!